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[stock market afternoon review] the index of the two markets fluctuated and fell back. Prev rose 0.53% and technology stocks broke out.
May 19,2020 11:55CST
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SMM5 March 19 News: a-share three major indices opened high across the board, after the opening of the index high shock, on the disk, semiconductors, airport shipping and other plates have pulled up one after another. Near the close of the morning, the overall shock of the index fell, many stocks began to fall after rising, the market persistence is general, the plate is also gradually flat, the money-making effect is not strong. By the close of trading in the morning, the Prev was up 0.53% at 2890.56 points, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 0.70% at 10997.56 points, and the Chuang Seng Index was up 0.87% at 2133.17 points.

Review of changes

Airport shipping plate opened higher, Huaxia Airlines rose 4%, Spring and Autumn Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, auspicious Airlines, Air China and so on rose.

The concept of gold weakened, Yintai gold fell more than 4%, while Lihua Jewelry, Shandong Gold, Hengbang shares and Shengda Resources fell 3%.

REITS concept higher, HNA investment straight up limit, Everbright Jiabao, Nanshan Holdings, Shun Feng Holdings followed.

Semiconductors and components plate pull strong, Whalun crystal rapid limit, Perry shares one-word board, Xiaocheng Technology, Beijing Junzheng, Fuman Electronics and so on.

Wireless headset plate continues to pull up, a total of electric sound up and down, Xinwanda up more than 6%, Walker, Saint Bond shares, Fuman Electronics, Corson Technology and so on.

Internet celebrity economic plate active, Lafang home chemical trading, Mengjie shares before the board, Wanxing Technology, Kunlun Wanwei, Longzi shares rose.

Photoresist plate continued to rise, Feikai materials rose 4%, Jacques Technology, Lanying equipment, Jetty Micropower, Gaomeng new materials and other collective rise.

The agricultural planting plate has been pulled up, the development of new farmers has risen by more than 6%, and Honghui fruits and vegetables, Xinsai shares, Yasheng Group, Hainan Rubber and so on have risen.

Message surface

[vice Minister of Transport: the next step will be to promote the application of autopilot technology]

Liu Xiaoming, vice minister of the Ministry of Transport, said that the next step will be to promote the application of self-driving technology and formulate relevant opinions to promote the development of self-driving.

[Bancassurance Regulatory Commission: continuous optimization of the structure of financial products to increase stronger sources of funds for the capital market]

The CBIC stressed that judging from the current situation, non-performing loans in the banking industry have increased, but the rate of increase is within the expected range, the overall operation of the stock market, bond market, and foreign exchange market is stable, and the impact of overseas epidemics on the banking and insurance industry is generally controllable. The CBIC will coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development and financial services in accordance with the requirements of "six stability" and "six guarantees."

[central bank: strengthen scientific and technological support to further carry out the construction of "digital central bank"]

The people's Bank of China held a teleconference on scientific and technological work in 2020, which pointed out that we should strengthen scientific and technological support, carry out in-depth construction of a "digital central bank", enhance the level of financial services and financial supervision, and strengthen the overall guidance on network security and informatization in the financial industry. promote the implementation of password application and innovative development in the financial field

Institutional point of view

Anxin Securities said that A-shares are expected to continue to benefit from the continued marginal improvement in liquidity, earnings and risk appetite, showing a volatile upward trend, and the market will actively pay attention to layout opportunities in the event of a short-term correction due to external disturbances. In the near future, the industry focuses on: new energy vehicles, military industry, semiconductors, cloud computing, Internet, communications, securities firms, aviation, etc., focusing on autonomous control, satellite Internet, Hubei regional revitalization and so on.

Guosheng Securities believes that the reform of the capital market is accelerating and must and will become a key force in accelerating scientific and technological innovation. The growth of science and technology is the main line in the medium and long term. Once again, we are ushering in a capital market with two-way expansion to serve transformation, upgrading and scientific and technological innovation. The growth of science and technology will also become the main line in the medium and long term.

Open source securities believe that the recovery rate of the infrastructure industry chain is stronger and faster than that of manufacturing and terminal consumption; the order of recovery verification is infrastructure first, consumption later, and finally the growth industry (TMT). "Infrastructure" and "consumption" have become the focus of fiscal policy. We have observed that the approval and start-up of infrastructure projects have been accelerated. At the same time, the volume, price and inventory of meso-indicators in the infrastructure industry chain have been improved. Recommend profit certainty, valuation in the median level: machinery and equipment, building materials.

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