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[SMM data] China produced 9900 tons of nickel sulfate in April, down 6.88% from the previous month.
May 9,2020 16:54CST
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SMM5, 9 May:

In April, China produced 9900 tons of metal in nickel sulfate, compared with 44500 tons in kind, down 6.88 percent from the previous month and 20.54 percent from the same period last year. Among them, the output of battery grade nickel sulfate is 39100 tons, and that of electroplating grade nickel sulfate is 5500 tons. The decline in nickel sulfate production this month is mainly related to the suspension of production at some factories and is expected to reduce production of 5000-6000 physical tons of nickel sulfate. Nickel prices rose in April, nickel sulfate raw materials rose, but nickel sulfate demand is still weak, some manufacturers chose to stop production to solve the problem of inventory backlog and low price shipment.

Due to the outbreak of the foreign epidemic at the end of March and the suspension of production by car companies in Europe and the United States, due to a certain conduction delay, it is expected that orders from precursor factories will decrease in May, resulting in a decline in demand for nickel sulfate. However, it is understood that the nickel sulfate plant, which ceased production in April, is expected to resume production in late May, so national nickel sulfate production is expected to rise 4.97 percent to 10300 metal tons in May from the previous month.

(both figures retain two decimal places)

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