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[SMM Analysis] Nickel beans enter the ranks of SHFE deliverables! "demon nickel" is no longer a demon?
May 8,2020 22:24CST
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SMM5, 8 March:

Today's last issue of the "Shanghai Futures Exchange Nickel Futures contract (Amendment)" and "Shanghai Futures Exchange delivery rules (Amendment)", the amendment will be implemented from the NI2011 contract on October 16, 2020. Among them, the nickel beans will be used in the 2011 contract for delivery caused concern in the nickel market.

Europe and the United States have always been the main consumer of nickel beans. According to the 233034 tons of nickel stocks announced by LME on May 7, nickel plates account for only 8.76%, and the rest are nickel beans and nickel grains. Compared with the foreign market, the use of nickel beans by domestic nickel manufacturers is far less than that of nickel plate. Mainly because. The management cost of nickel bean is high: it is easy to be stolen in the process of accumulation, and it is easy to produce short weight after pulverization after accumulation for a long time; 2. Because of its convenience, nickel beans are more used in small-scale production and large-scale mechanized feeding, but are not suitable for domestic steel mills. 3. In terms of the supply of nickel beans, although nickel beans have stable production in Madagascar, Australia, Finland, Canada and Africa, they are not widely circulated in China because only Australia and Madagascar can enjoy a duty-free policy in imported countries, rather than the original factory, which is subject to the same import tariff of 2% as nickel beans and nickel plates, so the supply of nickel beans is limited in Madagascar, Australia, Finland, Canada and Africa.

In terms of spot prices, it is precisely because of liquidity that nickel beans have a certain discount price difference compared with nickel plates. In 19 years, nickel beans once posted 5000 yuan / ton to Shanghai nickel. After 2020, due to the reduction of supply, it gradually narrowed to less than 1000 yuan. Before Wuxi electronic disk delivery of nickel beans, the settlement price discount of 1000 yuan / ton.

At present, although the previous issue announced that nickel beans can be used for delivery from the 2011 contract, there are no detailed regulations on deliverable brands and delivery discount.

As to whether the nickel beans in the previous issue will be delivered by discount, the market participants can be divided into two views: 1. At present, all the other basic metal contracts in the previous period, except copper, have not set different discounts because of the brand, so nickel beans may still be delivered at flat level; 2. Another view is that although nickel beans and nickel plates are pure nickel, there are still obvious differences in product properties, in addition to the shape, the main corresponding downstream, there is also the problem of warehousing period, so nickel beans may set up discount delivery, at the same time agree on a strict warehouse receipt period.

So what will be the impact of this rule on the nickel market? SMM research and analysis shows that:

1. The price difference between Shanghai Nickel 2010 contract and Shanghai Nickel 2011 contract may change in the near future, and the increase of deliverable subject matter leads to the back structure of the price in the near and far month. This evening, we can pay attention to the changes in the position situation.

2. The increase of deliverable goods will reduce the risk of overcrowding in the nickel market.

3. At present, nickel beans US gold goods premium, the original plant beans in the rise of US $180, non-factory beans rose by US $110. The premium on US dollar goods may rise in the future.

4. The price difference between the Wuxi electronic disk and the previous nickel contract will be gradually narrowed and will be closely linked according to whether the nickel bean delivery discount is required in the previous period. 5. Once the nickel beans are widely used for delivery, in the short term, the nickel plate may continue to rise, and at the same time have a certain impact on the market willingness to buy and deliver. From a long-term point of view, once the domestic discount quotation of nickel beans is sufficient, the Shanghai nickel structure may be consistent with Lunni and maintain the contango structure for a long time.


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