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Yongshan Lithium Industry Changsha put into Construction Lithium Salt Project with an Annual output of 45000 tons
Apr 29,2020 13:20CST
On April 29, Yongshan Lithium Industry Project with an annual output of 45000 tons of lithium salt officially began in Tongguan Industrial Park of Wangcheng Jingkai District, marking the addition of a new engine to the advanced energy storage material industry in Changsha.
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SMM4, April 29: April 29, Wangcheng Jingkai District Tongguan Industrial Park Yong Sequoia lithium industry annual production of 45000 tons of lithium salt project officially started, marking the Changsha advanced energy storage materials industry to add a new engine.

Cunninghamia lanceolata shares invested 2 billion in Wangcheng Jingkai District Tongguan Industrial Park to build an annual output of 45000 tons of lithium salt project, land about 350 mu, will be ahead of the global lithium salt industry knowledge-intensive high-tech office R & D headquarters. The first phase of the project will build 15000 tons of lithium hydroxide and 10, 000 tons of lithium carbonate per year. After the second phase reaches production, the annual output value is expected to reach 3.3 billion yuan, and the annual tax payment will reach 240 million yuan. The project will help Cunninghamia lanceolata shares become an international lithium salt supplier with high safety, high quality and low cost.

Founded in 1989, Cunninghamia lanceolata is a diversified industrial cluster integrating new energy technology, fashion clothing, medical health, film and television culture, trade logistics, tourism and leisure, financial investment and so on. Since 2002, it has been listed as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 18 years in a row. Its business focus on lithium-ion battery materials, battery system integration, energy management services and charging pile construction and new energy vehicle operation and other new energy business, successful layout of Shanghai, Ningbo, Changsha, Baotou, Chenzhou and other cities, lithium ion battery cathode, negative electrode and electrolyte in the world's largest integrated supplier of lithium power materials.

It is reported that at present, the Tongguan Industrial Park in Wangcheng Jingkai District has been stationed in Minmetals New Energy and other advanced energy storage material enterprises. The commencement and commissioning of the Cunninghamia lanceolata Group's lithium salt project with an annual output of 45000 tons will further amplify the industrial agglomeration effect, and will add new momentum to the hundreds of millions of industrial clusters in Wangcheng Jingkai District, and enhance the core competitiveness of Wangcheng's new material industry.

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