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[SMM analysis] Silicon metal decline narrowed
Apr 17,2020 18:55CST
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SMM4 17: this week most brands continue to decline, no oxygen 55 silicon is due to the cost and supply of the dual support to be temporarily stable. The transaction price of oxygen-free 55U silicon in East China is about 10100 yuan / ton, the center of gravity of low price supply decreases slightly, and that of East China oxygen 55Si falls back to 10600 yuan / ton.

Chongqing factory, where the production of oxygen-free 55mm silicon is concentrated, has collectively pushed forward prices since the beginning of this week, with individual factory quotations raised by 200-300 yuan / ton compared with last week. The main reason for the high price is that the market price is close to the production cost, and some factories plan to stop production at the end of the month, the market sentiment has slightly boosted, and the number of inquiries has increased.


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