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It's settled! May sixth! Determination of the opening time of returning to School and the arrangement of some Educational examinations in Shanghai
Apr 9,2020
Source:Shanghai education
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SMM: at 2: 00 this afternoon, Wang Xiaofan, vice president of Shanghai University, Wang Yang, principal of Shanghai Cao Yang No. 2 Middle School, and Li Baiyan, principal of Shanghai Jianping Experimental Middle School, were invited to introduce the prevention and control of pneumonia in Shanghai.

Training institutions shall not carry out offline training and services before the return of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in this Municipality.

The time of independent enrollment examination at the college level in general colleges and universities in accordance with the law is May 10;

The examination time of recruiting "special promotion" in some ordinary colleges and universities is May 23;

The time of enrollment examination for full-time graduates of secondary vocational schools in ordinary colleges and universities is from May 30 to 31.

The senior high school academic level examination time is June 6-7;

The time of high school enrollment examination in secondary school is June 27-28, in which the framework and score of physical education examination remain unchanged, and the total score is 30 points (the full score of daily examination is 15 points, which is completed by the school according to the requirements of previous years). The unified test will be suspended in 2020 because of the epidemic situation, and the corresponding score will be included in the total score of the students' middle school entrance examination according to the full score of 15 points).

The senior high school academic level qualified examination time is July 11-13.

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