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Hitachi vehicle Energy Co., Ltd.'s new plant has set up a more focused HEV
Apr 9,2020
Source:Cored core energy
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SMM: on April 7, vehicle energy companies funded by McSell and others set up a new factory in the capital of Beijing.

Hitachi vehicle Energy was formerly the vehicle lithium-ion battery subsidiary of Hitachi Manufacturing. Hitachi announced in 2018 that it would sell the company to McSeer and (INCJ), Japan's semi-official fund, the Industrial Innovation Agency. McCall and INCJ contributed 47% each, Hitachi Motor Company contributed 6%, and was officially established in March 2019.

The new plant, built in Kyoto in Macquarie, has a capacity to supply up to 200000 cars. About 300 of the 480 employees are engaged in production at the new base. From lithium battery backbone components (batteries) to composite components (modules) can be produced. The goal is to sell more than 60 billion yen in three to five years.

Nissan's new Note has decided to use the company's HEV battery, which had previously been exclusively supplied by Panasonic, according to a number of people involved. As the core component of lithium-ion battery demand continues to increase, the mainframe factory selected a number of suppliers, in addition to improving the stable supply system, but also aimed to promote price reduction.

According to IHS Market, a British research firm, the production of (HV), a strong hybrid vehicle in the Japanese car factory, will expand to 9.11 million units in 2030, 3.4 times higher than in 2019. Battery executives said: the production of HEV cars makes use of the experience and technology accumulated by Japanese automakers and cannot be made by Chinese and South Korean companies. It can reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent. This is very attractive.

With the exception of Panasonic, which can make huge investments, other companies are beginning to concentrate their limited resources on HEV. GS YUASA said in 19 years that it would devote itself to the research and development of HEV. "it will take time for the formal spread of EV," said Akiro Iwasaki, president of Hitachi vehicle Energy. For the time being, we will focus on HEV.

Battery-related industries have gathered in Kansai, Japan. The performance of the battery, positive and negative electrode cutting and drying and other factors are also very important. Kansai region has Panasonic, GS YUASA and other battery manufacturers to supply devices and material manufacturers and many other supply chains, with a wealth of battery technicians. If all this comes together, it will be very much to look forward to.

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