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Tafel Market ranking continues to climb Power Battery Industry Dark Horse rises rapidly
Apr 9,2020
Source:China Chemical and physical Power Industry Association
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SMM: since 2019, China's power battery industry, there is a sudden emergence of a company, the appearance of a dark horse.

According to data, Tafel New Energy was registered in Nanjing in July 2017. with a registered capital of 640 million yuan, Tafel New Energy is a characteristic enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of new energy lithium-ion power batteries and energy storage batteries.

It is reported that long Yujin graduated from the School of Chemistry, Jilin University, Ph.D. in electrochemistry. At least 10 years working experience in power battery industry.

In 2014, long Yujin and several partners founded Dongguan Tafel New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Tafel predecessor). Most of the core team members of the company come from top power battery enterprises in China, with many years of experience in the power battery industry, and have led key projects such as Europe, domestic well-known automakers and the largest energy storage in the world, witnessing the continuous development and growth of China's power battery, especially the power lithium battery industry.

After several years of technology accumulation and market development, Tafel ushered in explosive growth. In terms of the number of power batteries installed, Tafel ranked 62nd, 23rd and 18th in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively. In May 2019, Tafel ranked 10th in the industry with 74.5MWh installed, the best result in a single month.

Into 2020, Tafel continued to maintain a high growth trend, in January, Tafel 49.9MWh power battery installed capacity ranked seventh, into February, Tafel power battery installed capacity ranked sixth, ranking continued to climb.

Behind the rapid growth in performance is Tafel's adequate technical reserves and high standards of product quality. It is reported that as of March 25, 2020, the company has applied for a total of 500 patents at home and abroad, including 148 invention patents, with more than 400 engineering and R & D personnel, accounting for 1. 3% of the total number of employees, which is a typical representative of technology-driven performance development model. Tafel cell quality rate of more than 95%, is the first echelon in the industry, its product production line, there are thousands of process control points, providing a practical guarantee for the safety and reliability of cell products.

With these two magic weapons, Tafel currently has maintained a stable cooperative relationship with Xuda Automobile, Weimar Motor, India TATA and so on.

In recent media reports, Tafel said that the company is still maintaining the momentum of both production and sales, full capacity production, some orders have been ranked in the third and fourth quarters, the future market share and industry rankings are expected to rise further.

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