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Silicon Manganese Market Weekly Review (3.30-4.3): the rise has come to an end.
Apr 3,2020 17:28CST
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This week, the silicon and manganese market suspended last week's sharp rise, both north and south manufacturers and traders began to ship, the market is also relatively hot, after the market is relatively stable, the market expectations for April steel has become extremely eager.

This week, the highest price of silicon and manganese 6517 in the north was as high as 6800 yuan / ton, and after the rise, it fell back to 6500-6600 yuan / ton, while the highest price of silicon and manganese 6517 in the south reached 7000 yuan / ton, and then fell back to 6700-6800 yuan / ton. Traders and alloy factories shipped one after another this week, and individual manufacturers chose to cash in at this time under relatively low spot costs, with profits as high as 1050 yuan / tonne. There are also individual manufacturers who have inventory but continue to keep the seal to control the risk of April. The stability of the alloy price after a small drop in the week lies not only in the enthusiasm of the market trading, but also in the regional stability of the manganese ore market. Although the extremely high quotation still exists, the traders gradually separate the transaction so that the downstream market can be found, so it is easy to determine the alloy quotation.

After the market tends to stabilize, the speculation of steel recruitment varies, in CITIC Pacific 7180 yuan / ton steel alloy factory after the expected price of more than 7000 yuan / ton, and there are market rumors that the northern large steel factory in March low-price alloy plant endure pain steel factory bid volume, but the steel factory actually received about 25000 tons of goods far exceeded the published bid volume, such bottom copying behavior "hurt the heart of many alloy factories, alloy factories must be tenacious this month"; Some operators also said that when the macro environment is poor and the efficiency of steel mills is low, the steel mills will maintain a wild situation, and it is difficult to break through the 7000 yuan / ton barrier.

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