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Yi Wei Li can get caught up in a patent war from Germany to the United States
Mar 26,2020
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SMM: for power battery manufacturers, patents are life, which has led to a lot of disputes.

After LG Chemical and SKI sued Tafel New Energy in the United States for patent infringement by thin stall and Ningde Times (300750.SZ), German lithium-ion battery maker VARTA also filed a patent lawsuit, targeting 300014.SZ, an English name for EVE Energy).

On Feb. 24, VARTA filed a lawsuit against American retail chains Amazon, Best Buy (Best Buy) and Costco (Costco) in Eastern Texas Court, arguing that the Bluetooth headset bean batteries sold on the three major ecommerce platforms violated their patent rights.

VARTA's indictment against Amazon. Photo: according to the indictment on the Eastern District Court website in Texas, VARTA believes that the battery manufacturers that constitute the infringement include Lithium.

VARTA said the wireless Bluetooth headset bean lithium battery, which can be made by Yiwei Lithium, infringes the company's patent by selling a product numbered ICR1254 on Amazon in the United States. The battery is used in Galaxy Buds wireless Bluetooth headsets for Samsung phones.

According to reports, before suing Amazon, Best Buy and Costco, VARTA also sued Samsung Electronics USA in the United States, arguing that its headphone products were suspected of infringement.

The VARTA indictment alleges that Lithium's products are suspected of infringement. Photo: on the evening of March 25, on the official website of the Eastern District Court of Texas, Lithium released a notice saying that it had not yet received an indictment from VARTA.

Yi Wei Li can say in the announcement that it has always respected the intellectual property rights of its peers, that the company's products are reviewed at the design stage to ensure compliance with intellectual property rights, and that authoritative third parties are entrusted with free implementation and analysis before entering the market. And make the corresponding intellectual property layout.

Yiwei Lithium claims that it has 58 patents and patent applications for bean batteries, and the company relies on its own patented technology to produce and sell bean batteries.

The company also said that it will provide support at any time to meet the needs of customers and make every effort to actively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Lithium and customers from infringement.

It is reported that in January this year, the patent war between VARTA and Lithium has been ignited in Germany.

VARTA is a German manufacturer of miniature lithium batteries, mainly for cordless phones, watches, hearing aids and other battery products, its trademark is CoinPower.

VARTA used to be the only battery supplier for Samsung, Sony, Jiebolang and JBL, but in recent years, Chinese battery manufacturers have become more competitive and have stolen a number of orders.

Yiwei Lithium has become a battery supplier of Samsung Xin Zhen Wireless Bluetooth headset (TWS).

On January 8, VARTA said it would sue Lithium and a Chinese company called MIC-Power in Germany for infringing its patents.

Lithium also responded to VARTA's lawsuit in Germany in its announcement on March 25.

In January, VARTA applied for a temporary injunction in a court in Brunswick, Germany, Lithium said.

In the course of the trial, Yi Wei Li can provide the company bean battery and the patent involved in a substantial difference between the non-infringement testimony, proving that the company bean battery is an independent innovation technology scheme.

Lithium said VARTA withdrew its application for temporary injunction in Brunswick court.

According to German law, the VARTA may not reinitiate a temporary injunction on the basis of the case.

In January, VARTA also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against customers selling lithium products in Mannheim, Germany. Lithium said the lawsuit had not yet been heard.

To meet market demand, Yiwei Lithium said on March 8 that it plans to raise no more than 2.5 billion yuan for three major battery projects and replenish working capital. Among them, 1.05 billion yuan of the funds raised will be invested in the bean lithium-ion battery project for TWS applications.

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