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Guangxi publishes opinion draft on Mineral Resources Reform to restrict and reduce Export of Raw Ore
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SMM: on March 24, the Department of Natural Resources of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region issued a letter soliciting opinions from the General Office of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region Committee on further strengthening the Development and Utilization Management of Mineral Resources and promoting the Construction of Ecological Civilization (draft for soliciting opinions), in order to further strengthen the development and utilization management of mineral resources. We will co-ordinate the exploration and development of mineral resources and the protection of the ecological environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization, and promote the high-quality economic development of our region.

I. overall requirements

Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the second, third and fourth Plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, take the high-quality development of the mining industry as the goal, take the maintenance of Guangxi's ecological advantages as the bottom line, and take the structural reform on the supply side of mineral resources as the main line, compacting the responsibilities of party committees, governments and departments at all levels layer by layer. Adhere to planning, control, scientific layout, and promote the orderly development of resources; Adhere to green development, efficient utilization, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, adhere to classified policies, innovative governance, promote mine ecological restoration, adhere to technological innovation, comprehensive utilization, improve the level of intensive development; We should build a new mining policy system and management mechanism, take the road of green, environmental protection, safe and efficient mining innovation and development, and promote the construction of ecological civilization in our region to a new level, so as to provide resources and ecological guarantee for the construction of the dream of reviving the common circle in Guangxi.

II. Strengthen planning management and control and optimize the layout of development

(1) adhere to the bottom line of ecological protection. We will scientifically delineate and strictly abide by the "three control lines" of the red line of ecological protection, permanent basic farmland, and the boundary of urban development. Within the red line of ecological protection, mining activities are prohibited in principle in the core protected areas of nature reserves, and in other regions, with the exception of strategic energy resources exploration and public welfare natural resources investigation and geological exploration that need to be carried out by the state for major energy resources security, new mineral resources exploration and development projects are prohibited. In addition to the oil and gas exploration rights, uranium mining rights and geothermal mineral water mining rights that have been established according to law in the core protected areas of nature reserves, as well as oil and gas, uranium mineral rights and geothermal mineral water mining rights that have been established in accordance with the law in the general controlled areas of nature reserves, other established mining rights shall withdraw in accordance with the law. Strict protection of permanent basic farmland, in addition to geothermal and mineral water exploration and exploitation does not cause permanent basic farmland damage, collapse damage, other non-strategic mineral new mining rights should avoid permanent basic farmland. With the exception of geothermal, mineral water and dry hot rocks, no new mining rights shall be established within the boundary control line of urban development. A compensation mechanism for the withdrawal of legal mining rights has been established within the scope of the "three lines of control", and the people's governments at or above the county level shall formulate plans for the withdrawal of mining rights in accordance with the principle of "one mine, one policy" and organize their implementation.

(2) to adjust the layout of exploration and development. Under the overall development and protection pattern determined by the territorial and spatial planning, in principle, in areas other than the "three control lines", factors such as environmental carrying capacity, endowment of mineral resources, suitability of development and industrial layout should be considered as a whole, and mineral resources planning should be strictly formulated and implemented. Scientific delineation of key areas for exploration and development, guidance of factor aggregation, overall planning of exploration and development, and construction of an exploration and development pattern with outstanding emphasis and agglomeration and development. Focus on promoting the economic development of calcium carbonate, quartz sand and other minerals, geothermal, shale gas, dry hot rocks and other emerging clean energy minerals and aluminum, rare earth and other strategic mineral exploration and development; focus on the construction of Baise-Chongzuo manganese aluminum, Hechi tin lead-zinc, Hezhou-Wuzhou-Yulin rare earth, Hezhou-guest calcium carbonate and other resources development bases to create an important strategic core area for the protection of mineral resources in the region.

III. Promoting transformation and upgrading and promoting high-quality development

(3) to promote green exploration and development. The concept of green development runs through the whole process of mineral resources planning, exploration, development, utilization and protection, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional mining industry and improve the quality and efficiency of mining development. By the end of 2022, all mines to be built in the region (including newly built mines and existing production mines that will continue to be effective by the end of 2022) will be built into green mines in batches, stop production rectification and rectification if they do not meet the requirements within the deadline, and withdraw from rectification and rectification in an orderly manner if they do not meet the standards. All relevant departments should study and formulate support policies for promoting the construction of green mines, increase support in the aspects of financing, reduction and reduction of taxes and fees, land use security, allocation of resources, and occupation of forest land, and give financial incentives to green mines that have achieved remarkable results. We will establish and improve green exploration standards and realize green exploration in all geological exploration projects by the end of 2022.

(4) optimizing the structure of development and utilization. We will greatly reduce the number of small mines, guide the construction of large and medium-sized mines, and promote the formation of a scale structure dominated by large and medium-sized mines. We will no longer approve new large-scale calcium carbonate mines, and speed up the closure and withdrawal of small coal mines with a production capacity of less than 90,000 tons per year. In accordance with the law, we will eliminate mines with extensive utilization of resources, backward technology and environmental pollution, and in principle will no longer approve new batches of non-metallic mines such as quarries in open-pit depressions. We will increase research and development and replacement applications of advanced technology and equipment, promote the application of big data, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet in the mining field, and enhance the level of automation, intelligence and informatization. We will guide mining-related processing enterprises into the park, promote the upgrading and transformation of mining enterprises, improve the degree of industrial agglomeration, further lengthen the industrial chain, vigorously develop intensive processing of resources, and cultivate a number of mining groups with integrated mining and deep processing. We will speed up the formation of an industrial structure with advanced technology, long industrial chain, diverse products and high added value.

(5) to promote the development of superior resource industries. Formulate and implement the development plan and overall plan for key resource-based industries, focus on bauxite, manganese, rare earth, cement limestone, calcium carbonate and other superior resources, promote the large-scale development of superior resources, introduce policies and measures to support the development of superior resources industry, and strive to cultivate and strengthen industrial clusters such as aluminum intensive processing, tin, lead, zinc and tungsten, manganese, calcium carbonate, rare earth, cement and glass, and promote industrial upgrading. We will create new industries such as calcium carbonate, rare earth and glass, and vigorously promote the development of key resource-based industries to the high end of the industrial chain. Strengthen the guarantee of sand and gravel resources, vigorously develop mechanism sand and gravel, strengthen the connection with areas with large demand for sand and gravel, and lay out several sand and gravel centralized mining areas and large sand-making enterprises along the main rivers and transportation channels. City and county regional rational layout to serve the local sand and gravel processing base or distribution center; In addition to the sand and gravel resources excavated during the construction scope and during the construction of the approved construction project, the local government may sell the remaining part of the resources through the public resources trading platform. We should strictly develop the sea sand resources, standardize the utilization of the dredged sea sand in the waterway, and promote the development of the base, scale and industrialization of the sand and gravel resources.

IV. Strengthening mine management and promoting ecological restoration

(6) Green access for strictly newly built mines. Strict access requirements for mineral development in mineral resources planning, ecological environment protection, safe production and so on, new mines must be planned, designed and constructed in accordance with the standards for the construction of green mines. The "three simultaneous" systems of simultaneous compilation, synchronous examination and synchronous implementation of mineral resources development and utilization plans and mine geological environmental protection and land reclamation plans must be implemented in an all-round way. New mines must be mined and managed in strict accordance with the technical plans.

(7) strengthening the synchronous management of production mines. We will improve the supervision mechanism for the repair and management of production mines, strictly implement the principal responsibility of mining enterprises to "mine, govern, and repair at the same time," and ensure that no new accounts will be generated. We will strengthen the dynamic monitoring and joint inspection of geological environmental protection and land reclamation in production mines, and order mining enterprises that do not carry out simultaneous management and reclamation in accordance with the requirements to stop production and rectification, include them in the list of anomalies in the exploration and mining information of mining owners and make them known to the public. The phased acceptance system of mine ecological restoration shall be implemented, and the mining rights that fail to pass the acceptance shall not be registered.

(8) innovating the treatment of abandoned mines. To organize investigation, find out the bottom number, formulate and implement the plan for ecological restoration of abandoned mines, classify and define the responsibility, time and measures of governance, and construct a new mechanism for the protection and restoration of mine geological environment with the joint participation of the government, enterprises and society, give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, carry out market-oriented operation and scientific management model, encourage social capital to participate in the restoration of abandoned mines and ensure their reasonable income. Eliminate hidden dangers in time to ensure that old debts are paid off. Increase policy incentives, after restoration of abandoned mine construction land can be used for industrial, commercial and other commercial uses according to regulations, and the index of construction land restored to cultivated land can be transferred and used within the whole region. After the restoration project is newly generated and the remaining resources of the mine can be brought into the public resources trading platform for unified sale. The people's governments at or above the county level shall organize and evaluate the "half-side mountain" mines left over from history that have hidden dangers and affect the landscape, formulate plans, and carry out development-oriented management and ecological restoration if they have the conditions.

V. encourage comprehensive utilization and promote intensive development

(9) to carry out comprehensive exploration and development. We will formulate policies and measures for the comprehensive exploration and development of mineral resources, and improve the registration procedures for the transfer of associated mineral and mining rights and the disposal of their rights and interests. In addition to the state's explicit stipulation that the circumstances shall not be changed, mining rights shall be allowed to change the types of exploration and mining minerals in accordance with the relevant provisions, promote comprehensive exploration and comprehensive development, and realize the "full use" of low-grade and associated minerals. We will promote technological innovation and tackling key problems in the comprehensive development and utilization of mineral resources, strengthen the comprehensive recovery of rare and beneficial components such as gallium in bauxite red mud and indium in non-ferrous metal ores, and encourage the comprehensive development and research of resources such as high-iron trihydrate bauxite, symbiotic pyrite and low-grade bauxite, so as to achieve key technological breakthroughs and promote the utilization of low-grade resources.

(10) strengthening the utilization of waste rock from tailings. To study and formulate policies and measures for comprehensive utilization of tailings and to build a number of typical demonstration projects and demonstration bases for comprehensive utilization of tailings. Encourage the use of tailings to extract beneficial metal components, the use of tailings and waste stone to produce building materials, the use of tailings waste stone to fill the goaf, the use of mountain opening, roads, tunnels, site leveling and other construction projects to produce sand and gravel production mechanism sand and gravel. Where tailings resources and mining waste rocks within the scope of mining rights are recovered and utilized in accordance with the law within the period of validity of the established mining rights, there is no need to apply for separate mining registration. If the mining right has been lost or there are no available resources in the main tailings reservoir, the competent department of natural resources shall organize the recovery and utilization of the mining right under the premise of safety and environmental protection; the tailings resources cleared by the people's government at or above the county level as a result of safety and emergency drainage may be incorporated into the unified sale or transaction of the public resources trading platform.

VI. Promoting institutional reform and providing policy support

(11) implementing the reform of mineral resources management. The management system of classification and classification of mining rights shall be implemented, and the limits of authority for the transfer and registration of mining rights at the autonomous region, city and county levels shall be adjusted according to the types of minerals. To establish a mineral resources reserve system, to carry out exploration and reserve of rare earth, bauxite, tungsten and other strategic and superior minerals, and to explore the collection and storage of important mineral resources identified in the "three control lines". The comprehensive implementation of the market-oriented allocation system, in addition to the state provisions can be agreed to the allocation of resources projects, in principle, all the implementation of the auction hang transfer. Adhere to the principle of superior use of high quality and local deep processing to allocate resources, limit and reduce the outward transportation of raw ores, limit the development of high quality calcium carbonate resources as raw materials for sand and gravel, strictly allocate bauxite resources, and in accordance with the principle of strictly controlling alumina production capacity and linking electrolytic aluminum production capacity, it shall be allocated as a whole by the people's government of the autonomous region; strict allocation and qualification management of rare earth resources shall be carried out, and mining and separation indexes shall be controlled. We will steadily promote the competitive transfer of "net mining rights", and the transfer of "net mining rights" will be implemented in all sandy and gravel minerals from 2021. We will reform the management system of mineral resources reserves, optimize reserves classification, evaluation and filing, registration and statistics, and consolidate the basis for mineral resources rights registration and rights management of proven reserves.

(12) strengthening joint supervision and enforcement. In accordance with the principles of "strong supervision and strict law enforcement" and "double random and one public", a coordinated linkage mechanism for comprehensive supervision and utilization of mineral resources should be established, and supervision and illegal investigation and punishment should be strengthened. Governments at all levels, development and reform, natural resources, ecological environmental protection, industrial information, market supervision, transportation and other departments shall implement the requirements of ecological civilization construction and high quality development in all aspects of negative list management, exploration and development layout, industry access, mining rights setting, comprehensive recycling, environmental impact assessment, industrial agglomeration development, waste discharge, production and circulation, and strictly carry out supervision and inspection in accordance with their respective duties. Strict law enforcement, in violation of resources and environmental laws and regulations, planning, environmental pollution, destruction of ecology, indiscriminate mining, unlicensed exploration and mining, super-layer cross-boundary mining, production should be stopped or closed according to law, and the relevant responsibilities should be investigated in accordance with the law. Integrate mining, safety, environmental protection supervision and other information data, build science and technology mining management platform, achieve cloud inspection and supervision; implement a reporting reward system to encourage the public to participate in supervision; strengthen the construction of the integrity system, take joint disciplinary measures against enterprises for serious breach of trust, promote ecological civilization and public interest litigation, and establish a judicial law enforcement coordination mechanism for resources and environment.

(13) to strengthen the protection of land for forestry and sea. Study and promulgate the policy of land for the development of mineral resources, improve the policy of occupying forest land for mine development, and ensure the reasonable demand for land for the exploration and development of mineral resources. Popularize the temporary land use model of pingguo aluminum mining, and explore the temporary rolling occupation of cultivated land (permanent basic farmland) by open pit mining of aluminum, manganese and other strategic minerals and dominant minerals in our region. We will promote the joint transfer of sea sand mining rights and sea area use rights, and implement a flexible land supply policy for mines that have the conditions for land transfer.

(14) increase fiscal and tax support. We will integrate special financial funds for the prevention and control of geological disasters, mine ecological restoration, geological exploration and land reclamation, and tilt support to mine restoration, green exploration and mining, comprehensive recycling, and so on. Strengthen the fine management of resource tax, consider the grade of taxable minerals, mining conditions and the impact on the ecological environment, formulate the tax rate by grade, and study the introduction of resource tax relief policies such as mining associated minerals, low-grade ores and tailings. In accordance with the principle of "who transfers, who benefits", adjust the proportion of the retained portion of the mining right transfer income autonomous region, the autonomous region, city, county level according to the transfer organ 50%, the other two levels each 25% of the proportion; allow "net mining rights" in the transfer of the preliminary work costs, after accounting by the financial departments at the same level into the transfer costs, in the autonomous region retained part of the reduction, the transfer income shall be divided according to the above proportion.

VII. Strengthen political responsibility and ensure the effectiveness of implementation

(15) strengthen organizational leadership. Under the unified leadership of the party committee and government of the autonomous region, a joint meeting system shall be established by the autonomous region's development and reform, public security, finance, natural resources, ecological environment, emergency management, industry and information, housing urban and rural construction, market supervision, forestry, marine and other departments. The functions and responsibilities of the member units shall be clarified, and the office of the joint conference shall be located in the Department of Natural Resources of the autonomous region. To be responsible for overall planning and coordination, strengthening the development, utilization and management of mineral resources and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. The party committees and governments of all districts and counties (cities and districts) should earnestly fulfill their main responsibilities, fully implement the responsibility system of the party and government with the same responsibility as the party and the government, and take strengthening the management of the development and utilization of mineral resources and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry as an important starting point for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. It is necessary to set up special working organizations, formulate specific implementation plans, make overall arrangements, and coordinate the promotion. Do a good job of implementation.

(16) strengthen the examination and evaluation. Improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism, compaction responsibility, layer by layer of implementation. The contents of supervision and law enforcement of mineral resources, comprehensive utilization of resources, development of green mining industry, governance and protection of ecological environment should be included in the performance evaluation of governments at all levels and relevant functional departments, and quantitative assessment indicators should be taken as an important part of the audit of the departure of natural resources assets of leading cadres and as an important basis for the rewards, punishments and appointments of leading bodies and leading cadres at all levels and departments.

(17) strict discipline and accountability. Relevant departments at all levels should conscientiously perform their duties, strengthen supervision, and strictly enforce the law to ensure that the target tasks are completed on schedule. If the failure to conscientiously perform their duties, work in place, dereliction of duty, examination and approval in violation of regulations, ineffective supervision, etc., resulting in confusion in the management of mineral resources, destruction of the ecological environment, and frequent occurrence of violations of laws and regulations, the relevant units and personnel shall be seriously investigated for their responsibilities, and administrative sanctions such as demotion, dismissal or dismissal shall be given in accordance with the relevant provisions, and if they are suspected of committing a crime, they shall be transferred to the judicial organ for handling according to law.


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