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Henan Shenhuo Coal and Power Co., Ltd. increased registered "Rugu" brand remelting aluminum ingot product logo
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SMM News: recently, the last issue received Henan Shenhuo Coal Power Co., Ltd. submitted the relevant application materials. In accordance with the relevant provisions such as the regulations on the Registration and Administration of Nonferrous Metals delivery Commodities of the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the relevant requirements of the YS/T1209-2018 Standard "coding rules and Bar Code labeling of Nonferrous Metals smelting products", the relevant applications meet the requirements stipulated in the relevant futures standard contracts of our Institute, and have been studied and decided:

(1) agree to the application of Henan Shenhuo Coal and Power Co., Ltd to increase the product logo;

2. As of the date of announcement, products using the new product logo may generate standard warehouse receipts.

The specific product identification is as follows:

I hereby announce.

Shanghai Futures Exchange

January 14, 2020

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