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Tesla made in China Model 3 shipped out of Shanghai factory the first order delivery is imminent
Dec 9,2019
Source:Tencent Technology
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SMM News: December 9 news, according to reports, Tesla made in China Model 3 transport truck was found to have left the company's No. 3 super factory in Shanghai (Gigafactory 3) production facilities, is estimated to be on the way to the customer distribution center.

Tesla has been added to the list of electric vehicles that meet government incentives and has been officially approved for sale and delivery in China. Tesla owner Jayin Shanghai visited the Chinese factory and released several photos of car trailers shipping Chinese-made Model 3 out of the factory.

Tesla initially expected the Chinese-made Model 3 to be ready for use in late January 2020. However, the company has obtained early permission to sell the Model 3 in China to start entering the world's largest car market. China's goal is for electric vehicles to account for 25 per cent of its car sales by 2025.

Tesla's entry into China's electric car market is seen as positive, even among local competitors such as Xiaopeng. Xiaopeng President Brian Gu (Brian Gu) regards Tesla as a "catalyst" for the domestic electric vehicle market and will pave the way for customers to provide a better supply chain and experience.

"I've always thought it would be good for the industry to have a good product that really interests consumers and expands the market as a whole," Brian said. "

Tesla has 24 stores in China and plans to expand its after-sales service network, double the number of maintenance stores from 29 to 63, add another 100 fast charging stations and turn some showrooms in China into one-stop Tesla centres.

The list of incentives for new electric vehicles released by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology includes two Tesla Model 3 models, which can save consumers at least $3550 when buying a homegrown Model 3.

Just days before obtaining official permission to sell Chinese-made Model 3 cars, Model 3 inventories made it clear that the electric carmaker was preparing for delivery to its first customers.

Tesla China also announced that its executives have opened Weibo accounts to ensure that customers can communicate directly with the management team.

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