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Gannan team: local Standard for rare Earth Exploration approved and issued
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SMM: a few days ago, from the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration (intellectual property Office) learned that Jiangxi Province local standard "weathering crust ion adsorption rare earth mineral geological exploration standards" drafted and compiled by the Gannan Geological Survey Brigade approved and issued, the implementation date is May 1, 2020. This is a major breakthrough that Gannan team is responsible for drafting and undertaking the compilation of standards.

The standard specifies the purpose and task of weathering crust ion adsorption rare earth minerals in geological exploration, work contents (geological research degree, ore processing technical performance research, deposit mining technical conditions research, comprehensive evaluation), exploration control degree, exploration quality and mineral resources / reserves estimation, etc. it is suitable for the exploration of weathering crust ion adsorption rare earth minerals and the estimation of mineral resources / reserves in Jiangxi Province. It is also applicable to the acceptance and evaluation of such mineral geological exploration reports, which provides a solid basis for the evaluation and estimation of mineral resources / reserves in such activities as the transfer of mineral rights and mineral exploration and development.

The release of the local standard is a new progress in the application field of ion adsorption rare earth ore exploration in Gannan team, which is helpful to build the rare earth exploration brand of Gannan team and guide the continuous improvement of the whole industry level.

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