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Weekly Review of selenium Market (10.21-10.25) selenium prices have basically stabilized and the market is waiting for news
Oct 25,2019 22:48CST
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The domestic selenium market this week was the calmer week in nearly two months. The market trading volume is small, the price changes little, both buyers and sellers fall into wait and see, waiting for the final conclusion of the pan-Asia selenium inventory auction.

Today, SMM 99.9% selenium powder transaction price is 90-120 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 95-125 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last Friday; crude selenium transaction price is 51-63 yuan / kg, the average price is 1 yuan / kg lower than last Friday; selenium dioxide transaction price is 5056 yuan / kg, the same as last Friday.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder quoted for 7.5-8.5 US dollars / lb, online price down 0.3 US dollars / lb compared with last week. At present, the overall supply of refined selenium is still surplus, and the international market price is generally stable, but it is difficult to close transactions at high prices, and prices are close to the downward line. The domestic overall change is not big, the domestic selenium powder price reaches the stage low, the downward line is blocked. In addition, the pan-Asian selenium inventory auction, which began this weekend, has become the focus of attention, and businesses are waiting for the event to hit the ground.

Selenium: there is no lack of inventory in the hands of downstream consumers, and with the decline of the overall selenium market, some downstream manganese plants have a certain inventory, purchase more actively lower prices, the buyer's market attribute has not yet been reversed. But there were no lower prices this week, and higher prices fell slightly.

Crude selenium: the price of crude selenium in copper factory did not change much this week, still maintained last week's price level, and the volume has decreased compared with the previous two weeks. Even so, the market is still pessimistic about the price of crude selenium at the end of the year.

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The market mood was relatively calm this week, the news was temporarily hidden, and most of the market was waiting for the dust to settle down on the auction of pan-Asian selenium stocks. The selenium market is expected to be largely affected by the results of the pan-Asian inventory auction next week.

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