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Tangshan to implement stricter production curbs
Oct 18, 2019 10:35CST
Steelmakers are required to shut all but one blast furnace

SHANGHAI, Oct 18 (SMM) – China’s top steelmaking hub of Tangshan in Hebei province has implemented stricter production curbs from October 18-22, after the city activated Level 2 anti-smog measures earlier this week.

Tangshan's move to combat heavy air pollution was in line with Handan, another steelmaking hub in Hebei and Taiyuan in Shanxi province. China’s northern regions were hit by a sustained period of heavy smog in late September.

Steelmakers in districts of Kaiping, Guye, Fengnan and Fengrun are required to shut all but one blast furnace, or cut blast furnace capacity by at least 50% if they have only one furnace.   

The city has also imposed stricter restrictions on sintering and pelletising machines and coke plants as well as road transport. Trucks carrying cargoes are banned from entering or leaving ports.

Under level 2 anti-smog measures, steelmakers in Tangshan that are categorised as B and C are ordered to close all their sintering and pelletising machines and lime kilns, while grade C steel mills face an additional cut of at least 50% on blast furnaces.

They are allowed to recover half of their sintering and pelletising capacity after the level 2 anti-smog measures have been implemented for more than 120 hours.

There is no official confirmation when the anti-smog measures will be lifted.

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