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Building a New era of rare Earth Valley in China based on the Yangtze River Delta
Oct 17,2019
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SMM News: recently, in Changshu Chinalco rare Earth (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. conference room held in Shanghai and the Soviet Union this year the second rare earth association work exchange communication meeting, around the Yangtze River Delta rare earth strategic development theme, facing new development opportunities, we gathered to discuss, exchange and learn from each other to explore the future development of rare earth strategic integration, based on the Yangtze River Delta, open up new driving force, build a new platform, to create a new era of China's rare earth valley. The leaders of the two associations had a frank and in-depth exchange of views on issues of common concern in a friendly, relaxed, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Zhang Xiujiang, Director of Shanghai rare Earth Association, Zhu Mingyue, Honorary President (United Nations China National adviser), Wu Jiansi, Secretary General, Cui Zhongni, Deputy Secretary General, Qian Yuanying, Secretary General of Jiangsu rare Earth Industry Association, Zhao Pinghua, Secretary General, an Enfa, General Manager of Chinalco rare Earth (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Mei Yi and other representatives of the association and enterprises attended the meeting.

The exchange meeting was presided over by Secretary-General Zhao Pinghua and briefly explained the background and main agenda of the meeting.In the exchange, he first introduced the operation of Jiangsu rare Earth in the first three quarters of 2019 and the prospects for the next step and next year's work. In particular, the disposal of rare earth smelting slag in Jiangsu Province is the top priority of this year's work of the Association. Jiangyin Jiahua New Materials Company's disposal of rare earth slag was officially launched today, and it is also the first in the country.

Finally, the participants reached a consensus and formed the following resolution: Yangtze River Delta Federation for Strategic Development of rare Earths (chip), leaders of the preparatory meeting: Zhang Xiujiang, Qian Yuanying, deputy leaders of the preparatory meeting: Zhao Pinghua, Wu Jiansi, an Enfa, secretary of the Secretariat: Cui Zhongni, Cai Lemin, consultant: Zhu Mingyue, Sponsors: Shanghai rare Earth Association, Jiangsu rare Earth Industry Association, Chinalco rare Earth (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Heli rare Earth material Co., Ltd., Yixing New Weili rare Earth Co., Ltd. With the progress of the preparatory work of the Federation will absorb the Yangtze River Delta rare earth industry associations, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, private enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, trade enterprises, financial institutions, technical experts and so on. Guiding ideology: in order to carry out reform and opening up again, we should pay attention to the key points, make up for weaknesses, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the technical level of the development and utilization of new rare earth materials, extend the industrial chain, and increase added value. Shanghai rare earths should play a leading role, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui should develop their strengths, actively give full play to the manufacturing and innovation advantages of Zhejiang rare earth magnetic materials, and the manufacturing advantages of rare rare earths in Jiangsu rare earth group and rare earth companies in China. Lianyungang's Belt and Road Initiative starting point advantages and rare earth waste recovery technology and production advantages, continue to promote the highest rare earth standards, the best level and high-end application, high-quality development. Promote the development of rare earth integration in the Yangtze River Delta and create a new era of China's rare earth valley. The task of this meeting was successfully completed, and the contents discussed were sorted out and summarized to form the minutes of the meeting for the record. (Shanghai rare Earth Association)

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