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[stock market review] the three major stock indexes fluctuated and fell before the concept of hot topics was not as expected.
Oct 16,2019 16:07CST
By the close of trading, the Prev index closed at 3978.71 points, down 0.41%, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9642.06 points, down 0.31%, and the index closed at 1656.37 points, down 0.27%.
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SMM10 16: three major stock indexes opened slightly higher in morning trading, Prev shock rose back to 3000 points above, financial, real estate stocks have issued force one after another. Subsequently, banks and other weight plates fell back one after another, and the three major indexes generally weakened. Money is willing to do long general, near the morning close, three big finger market after a sudden decline, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 small dive. Plate rotation accelerated, the performance of the index is better than the Prev index, stocks mixed, the weight of the plate fell back again, the theme concept has a strong trend, the market wait-and-see mood is strong. In the afternoon, the three major stock indexes fluctuated downward, creating the index, the Shenzhen Composite Index turned green one after another, and the Prev index fell wider. The concept of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has changed slightly. At the end of the day, the three major indexes are still below the flat line shock downward, the subject matter concept again shows malaise, Fujian free trade zone concept slightly pulled up, but the positive impact on the disk is not big. Individual stocks fell, the fried board rate remained high, and the market money-making effect was poor. By the close of trading, the Prev index closed at 3978.71 points, down 0.41%, the Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 9642.06 points, down 0.31%, and the index closed at 1656.37 points, down 0.27%.

Plates and individual stocks

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a national teleconference to study and publicize the "guidance on strengthening Industrial Internet Security" jointly issued by ten departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as "Safety guidance"). Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and spoke. Zhao Zhiguo, director of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, chaired the meeting. Ren Zixing, National Technology, Mountain and Stone Network, Beixinyuan, China Software, Dongfang Tong, Aofi data, Blue Shield Technology and other stocks rose.

Abnormal review

The concept of liquor fell, Guizhou Maotai fell more than 3%, the third quarter revenue growth rate declined, alcoholic wine, Wuliangye, Shanxi Fenjiu and so on have weakened

The network security plate pulled up, Ren Zi pulled up the seal board, national technology, mountain stone net, north information source and so on.

Banking sector strengthened, Bank of Nanjing rose nearly 3%, Industrial Bank, Changshu Bank, China Merchants Bank and other collective pull up

Insurance and other sectors strengthened, Xishui shares rose in a straight line, Huajin Capital opened and closed, Ruida Futures, Tianmao Group, China PICC, China Life Insurance and so on.

Securities plate pulled up, Huachuang Yangan rose 5%, Huaxin shares, Zhejiang Securities, Caitong Securities and so on.

The environmental protection engineering plate rose rapidly, the Botian environment rose by the limit, the first environmental protection rose by more than 3%, Dechuang environmental protection, Ba'an water affairs, China re-capital ring, Guotong shares, and so on.

Digital China plate strengthened, Rongji software rose by the limit, iFLYTEK, Jiuqi software, Shenzhou Digital, Yi Hualu, Blue Shield shares rose.

Banking sector fell, Ping an Bank fell nearly 3%, Changshu Bank, Green Agricultural Bank, Suzhou Bank fell more than 2%

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area pulled up in the afternoon, Xianfeng Holdings straight up more than 8% from a drop of nearly 8%, Guangdong Media, Yuexiu Financial Control, Zhuhai Zhongfu and so on.

Fujian free trade zone plate continued to pull up, Pingtan development rose more than 5%, Zhangzhou development, Xiamen Xiangyu, Sanmu Group, Xiamen Port Affairs rose

Part of the rebound in the concept of digital currency, Julong shares seal board, Jingu shares, Koda shares, Hanwei Technology and so on.

Message surface

[heavyweight! Opening up the financial industry to speed up the entry conditions for foreign insurance and relax the scope of business of foreign banks]

On October 15, the State Council promulgated a decision on amending the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the Administration of Foreign Insurance companies and the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the Administration of Foreign Banks Liu Fushu, chief lawyer of the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, introduced at a routine policy briefing of the State Council on the 15th that in the next step, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will leave Taiwan as soon as possible, such as the "detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations on the Administration of Foreign Banks" and the "detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations on the Administration of Foreign Insurance companies," and form a more perfect system of opening (China Securities News)

[Ministry of Ecological Environment issues "Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air pollution in Autumn and Winter 2019-2020 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas"]

The Ministry of Ecological Environment issued the "Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air pollution in Autumn and Winter 2019-2020 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas", requiring that the average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas during autumn and winter decreased by 4% compared with the same period last year, and the number of days of severe and more pollution decreased by 6% compared with the same period last year

["domestic spin-off listing" consultation feedback hot market look forward to landing as soon as possible]

It has been nearly two months since the "domestic spin-off and listing" policy solicited public advice. A reporter from the China Business News learned that the CSRC has received some information feedback one after another, including eagerly expecting the spin-off listing policy to land as soon as possible. It also includes the hope that some of the existing doubts will be explained, and some of the feedback will put forward suggestions on whether the spin-off standards can be appropriately lowered. The CSRC is conducting in-depth argumentation and research on the relevant opinions and suggestions. (China Business News)

[more than expected! September credit community overall recovery agencies are bullish on credit delivery in the fourth quarter]

Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the market generally believes that although from a seasonal point of view, the fourth quarter is usually the off-season of financing for the year, but in the recent special debt new deal and a series of counter-cyclical control measures, the power of government projects is expected to lead to a year-on-year improvement in financing in the fourth quarter. (brokerage China)

[FTSE Russell updates A progress foreign capital allocation A shares long-term trend does not change]

On October 15, FTSE Russell, an internationally renowned index company, said it would release the preliminary results of the third batch of Phase I of Na A on February 21, 2020. In addition, MSCI announced a few days ago that Science and Technology Innovation Board will be included in the scope of the index, important international indexes have turned their attention to A shares. The asset value and allocation potential of A shares are increasingly recognized in the international market, and the allocation of A shares by foreign investors will be a long-term trend. (international Finance News)

Institutional point of view

Tianfeng Securities: yesterday's market contraction lost 3000 points, the overall adjustment of science and technology stocks, the performance is lower than expected or the main reason. However, driven by the superimposed factors such as 5G construction, scientific and technological innovation and domestic substitution, the investment opportunities of science and technology stocks are far from over. Technology stocks may also have to absorb the negative performance in the short term, but the performance-backed quality technology stocks are still full of opportunities after the adjustment. In addition, the market will continue to shock-based, recent attention to undervalued up the plate, key industries: banking, home appliances, food, wind power and so on.

Northeast Securities: on the whole, the backtracking of the market is mainly attributed to: on the one hand, CPI exceeded expectations to rise to 3.0%, while PPI fell 1.2%, pork prices led prices upward, CPI remained high, and may enter the range of 3-4% in the later stage, which restricts the space of monetary policy. On the other hand, a large number of listed companies early warning data disclosure, gem performance differentiation, the decline in the proportion of pre-increase led to a significant decline in the homeopathy of many stocks with poor performance. Of course, the short-term market trend is too strong, technical oversold factors dispelled; therefore, the short-term market may be in October N trend of the second, moderate step back, waiting for the policy of important meetings to be good. Moderately step back so that the market maintains shock isolation and completes the right shoulder of the M head; in general, it is possible to step back between the half-year line and the 20-day moving average. In operation, moderately high cash income, in order to wait for the market to step back after the appropriate compensation, band operation; in the direction, the financial season takes into account the low valuation and performance growth, configuration is relatively focused, taking into account the size of non-reduction and IPO privacy, so relatively play down the pure garbage stock speculation.

Soochow Securities: since September, the market has continued to maintain the trend of concussion and consolidation, in the absence of the expected positive performance of the market and the fact that public offering funds have achieved the fourth best return in history this year, from a game point of view, we put forward a cautious attitude towards the neutrality of the market. It is for this reason that we recommend shifting the position allocation to 1/3 consumption, 1/3 technology white horse and 1/3 high dividend portfolio represented by banks, real estate, cars and household appliances.

Shanxi Securities pointed out that looking forward to the future, the index will still maintain a volatile trend, but there are structural long opportunities. Yesterday, from the three aspects of good trade, performance distribution and market sentiment, it is considered that the fundamentals and the performance of listed companies are difficult to support the general market, but the distribution of stocks with positive performance is more concentrated, and there are still opportunities for science and technology and consumer sectors. Plate aspect, still recommend cement, electricity and other defensive plate, large consumer plate and technology plate selected stocks can also participate. As can be seen from the trend this year, foreign investors have a growing preference for food and drinks, and food and drinks have increased well at the time of the large inflow of foreign capital. In the science and technology plate, today's decline in the degree of stocks are not expected or pure concept speculation stocks, outstanding performance of the stock decline is smaller. But we remind investors to be concerned about the repressive effect of CPI exceeding expectations on the valuation of technology stocks. Inflation can cause investors to worry about liquidity, with high-valued technology stocks among them. But the CPI is mainly driven by higher food prices, and the market will not be too worried. Stocks with low valuations and high performance can still be concerned.

Hualong Securities pointed out that the current market short-term differences, so the pace of trading is not easy to grasp. Prudent investors suggest wait-and-see, and do not make a layout before a strong hot spot is formed. Aggressive investors control positions and do not rush to catch up. In the brokerage stocks re-set up the premise, can layout part of the low-cost plate, such as brokerage, insurance, infrastructure, consumption and so on.

Dongxing Securities said that investment in the fourth quarter focused on grasping certainty in uncertainty. In the current environment, the science and technology industry, which has both high "beta" and domestic alternative logic, continues to benefit. Among them, consumer electronics plate profit inflection point recognition, as well as in the technology industry to enjoy a high and stable rate of return on equity (ROE), is worth grasping the certainty of the plate.

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