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Today's News: minutes of September meeting still have serious differences on Policy prospects
Oct 10,2019 09:21CST
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Macro information

Minutes of the September meeting of the Federal Reserve: there are still serious differences over the policy outlook and a renewed expansion has been discussed

Britain needs to make more concessions if it is to reach a Brexit agreement, the European Union has told Britain.

Global Trade report WTO: growing Trade in Services International Cooperation is particularly important

Italy raised $7 billion by issuing US dollar bonds for the first time since the European debt crisis

Li Keqiang: vigorously develop Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry and Circular economy

Metal news

[SMM Express] is still falling! LME nickel stocks are down more than 8, 000 tons today

[SMM analysis] the Shanghai tin post-holiday bottom rebounded, first suppressed and then rose in the future market may go this way.

[SMM analysis] the truth behind the decline in the operating rate of lead-acid batteries in the first seven months

As the United Nations Conference on Climate change approaches, the Chilean government is considering shutting down the Ventanas copper smelter owned by Codelco

Zinc New Century production increased by 28 per cent in the third quarter compared with the previous quarter

Brazilian regulators suspended the operation of 54 tailings dams for safety reasons

China Mining Industry: China will further promote the opening of Mining Market

Morocco provides safeguards for imported hot rolled steel plates

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Oil clothing giant Halliburton has laid off 650 jobs because of a slowdown in oil and gas production in the United States

Cologne Xinneng, a lithium battery supplier, is expected to raise 613 million yuan

It is exposed that the relationship between Tesla's self-made battery and Panasonic is in "chaos"

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