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Shanghai Gold Exchange to launch New York Gold extension products on October 14
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SMM: in order to further serve the real economy and better integrate with the international gold market, the Shanghai Gold Exchange plans to launch New York Gold extension products on October 14 with the approval of the people's Bank of China. In accordance with the needs of the business, we are hereby notified of the relevant matters as follows:

New York Gold extension products have two New York Gold TN contracts, with the contract codes NYAuTN06 and NYAuTN12, as the settlement dates of June 15 and December 15, respectively, and cash settlement at the COMEX gold price on the settlement date. New York gold TN contract quotation unit is RMB / g, trading unit is 100g / hand, contract margin ratio is 6%, trading time is consistent with other existing contracts. The specific contract parameters are detailed in the attached contract parameter table.

In order to improve the liquidity of New York Gold extension products and perform the relevant contract investment function, the Exchange decided to waive trading fees for New York Gold TN contracts (NYAuTN06, NYAuTN12) from October 14, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

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