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Rare Earth New Energy Automobile Industry Alliance to be established in Baotou City
Sep 12,2019
Source:Baotou Municipal people's Government
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SMM: recently, the reporter from Baotou rare earth high-tech zone held in Inner Mongolia rare earth new energy automobile industry alliance preparatory meeting learned that Inner Mongolia rare earth new energy automobile industry alliance will be established in Baotou city.

The rare earth new energy automobile industry alliance is jointly led by Bei Ben heavy truck Group Co., Ltd., CLP Investment Finance and Asset Management Co., Ltd., and the Management Committee of rare Earth High-tech Zone. Members include Fuhuade Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, State key Laboratory of Automobile Safety and Energy Saving and Automobile Research Institute.

The alliance deeply integrates the R & D and production advantages of Beiben heavy steam truck with the "rare earth +" strategy of the autonomous region, comprehensively integrates the advantages of rare earth research and development and deep processing and equipment manufacturing in Inner Mongolia, forms a complete rare earth new energy vehicle industry chain, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the rare earth industry, promotes the optimization of energy structure in Inner Mongolia, promotes energy conservation and emission reduction in green transportation, and helps Inner Mongolia win the war of blue sky defense.

After the establishment of the alliance, all member units will jointly promote the research and development, manufacture, and operation platform of transport new energy heavy trucks, and help high-tech zones realize the industrialization and market-oriented demonstration effect of new energy vehicles as soon as possible. and from a higher level to promote the development of pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries. By the end of the 13th five-year Plan and around 2025, we will encourage member enterprises and industry enterprises to invest about 5 billion yuan in high-tech zones to form the first phase of rare earth new energy vehicles and the manufacturing capacity of "three electric power" and chassis. It is estimated that the output value will reach about 10 billion yuan; the second phase investment is about 10 billion yuan, and the output value is expected to reach 30 billion yuan.

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