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Britain refines from 40 million mobile phones to solve the rare earth problem?
Aug 27,2019
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SMM8 27: British media recently reported that in order to solve the rare earth crisis, the Royal Chemical Society came up with a solution, ready to extract rare earth metals from old mobile phones.

It is reported that the Royal Chemical Society said that the old mobile phone contains gold, arsenic and rare earth and other metal elements, if the old mobile phone can be used, it can extract a lot of rare metals. The survey found that there are 40 million old mobile phones left unused in the UK, and if these are used, there will be a lot of rare metals.

In fact, the United States also had this idea, but later gave up, because giving and getting is not proportional. According to the analysis of American experts, the United States can only extract 32 kilograms of rare earth metals from 400000 iPhones recovered in the United States. But it takes 450kg to build an f-35 fighter, and one such fighter needs to refine 1.4 million iPhones. With such a big project and such a low replacement rate, it is no wonder that the United States has given up.

It is hard to say whether Britain will use this solution.

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