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Nine departments in Sichuan Province jointly launch Special Action on pollution Prevention and Control of waste lead batteries
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SMM News: recently, according to the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine ministries (bureaus) "on the issuance of the waste lead battery pollution prevention and control action plan" (Environment solid (2019) No. 3) requirements, Nine departments, including the Sichuan Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, the Development and Reform Commission, the Department of economy and Information, the Public Security Department, the Department of Justice, the Department of Finance, the Department of Transportation, the Provincial Administration of Taxation, the Provincial Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, and the Department of Commerce, jointly issued the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of pollution of waste lead batteries in Sichuan Province. It is clear that by the end of 2020, the province will basically achieve the full coverage of cities at the prefecture level for the standardized collection of waste lead batteries. To achieve full coverage of the key counties (districts and cities) of the collection network, and the standard collection rate of waste lead-acid batteries is more than 40%. By 2025, the standard collection rate of waste lead batteries will reach more than 70%, and all the waste lead batteries collected will be safely utilized and disposed of.

The Circular points out that it is necessary to further promote the extended responsibility of lead-acid battery producers in accordance with the national measures for the recovery and utilization of lead-acid batteries and the requirements of the technical specifications for the recovery of waste lead-acid batteries, combined with the "implementation Plan for promoting the extension of producer responsibility system in Sichuan Province." We will synchronously promote the pilot work of centralized collection and trans-regional transport system of waste lead batteries in 21 cities (states) of the province, and issue the "Administrative Review Guide for the Collection and Operation license of waste lead batteries in Sichuan Province" as soon as possible. We will start the examination and approval work in advance for areas and applicant units where conditions are ripe, promote the landing of pilot work in the whole province, and see results.

The notice stresses that it is necessary to organize special law enforcement actions in a timely manner to severely crack down on environmental crimes such as illegal collection and dismantling of waste lead batteries, malicious acid inversion, and illegal smelting of recycled lead. Information about illegal enterprises and personnel related to waste lead batteries should be included in the list of illegal and untrustworthy enterprises and personnel in the field of ecological environment, and public exposure should be made. At the same time, the public is encouraged to supervise and report illegal collection, illegal smelting of recycled lead, tax evasion and production of fake and shoddy batteries through telephone calls, letters, e-mail, government websites and WeChat platforms.

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