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7863 5G base stations have been built in Beijing and more than 10,000 will be built by the end of the year.
Aug 8,2019
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SMM News: Beijing 5G infrastructure construction momentum is gratifying, gradually improve, by the end of July, the tower company has completed the construction and delivery of 5G base stations 7863, operators opened 5G base stations 6324, it is expected that by the end of 2019, the city will build more than 10000 5G base stations. The Beijing Municipal Communications Administration has taken many measures to promote the construction of 5G infrastructure:

First, it is guaranteed by planning standards. The Municipal Planning Natural Resources Commission and the Municipal Communications Administration Bureau have organized and worked out a special plan for 5G infrastructure. The planning includes seven chapters: planning background, introduction of 5G technology, 5G infrastructure system (base station, office room, pipeline, power) and current situation, planning objectives and planning ideas, overall planning, key regional construction programs, planning and implementation recommendations. The Code for the Design of Building Communication Base Station Infrastructure (DB11/T 1607 / 2018), which has been issued and implemented since July 1, 2019, provides clear requirements for buildings to meet the infrastructure required for the construction of base stations and indoor coverage systems (computer rooms, pipelines, power supplies, roofing facilities, etc.). The next step will continue to work with the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission to develop communication base station infrastructure design specifications for linear areas, landscape and other scenarios.

Second, take the key areas as a breakthrough. Combined with the positioning of the capital city and the requirements of major activities in the future, the construction of 5G base stations has been focused on the Beijing World Expo and its surrounding roads, the Winter Olympic Shougang Park, the Tiananmen Imperial Palace area along Changan Street, the Beijing City Sub-Center, and so on. The 5G network will be put into use synchronously with the opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The construction of 5G base stations in Yanqing District of the Winter Olympic Games has been launched to meet the needs of the 2020 Alpine skiing World Cup. Major breakthroughs have been made in the construction of 5G base stations in other areas along Changan Street.

The third is to take the typical application as the guide. Combined with 5G+8K high-definition video, 5G + telemedicine, 5G + autopilot and other typical applications, strengthen the construction of 5G infrastructure in related areas. At present, 5G network coverage has been completed in the university area of Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications and College Road, the core business district of Financial Street, the Guanghua Road office area of the central radio and television head station, the driverless vehicle experiment area of Daoxiang Lake, the unmanned vehicle and core area of Yizhuang, the Shijingshan Insurance Industry Park and the densely populated areas of some urban areas. Do a good job in the construction of 5G base stations in Wukesong Sports Center and other places to meet the needs of 5G+8K HD live basketball World Cup. In joint study with the Municipal Urban Management Commission, we have selected 34 lamp poles of different types in different areas to carry out the pilot work of using urban lamp poles to build 5G base stations, of which 15 road lamp poles have entered the implementation stage.

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