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Shanxi Provincial Department of Ecological Environment carries out "100 days clear Zero" Special Action to defend "Erqing Blue"
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SMM News: the opening of the second green event is just around the corner, a defense of the "two blue" of the illegal sewage rectification activities, the harvest of war results.

On 5 August, the reporter learned from the first press conference of the provincial special action on illegal sewage discharge and the "100-day clean-up" campaign held by the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment that since the "100-day clean-up" special operation was launched for more than a month, 11 city-based inspection teams have inspected a total of 5686 pollution sources, and the "100-day Clearing Zero Operation" command office has issued four batches of supervision letters to the municipal governments, supervising and handling a total of 2507 environmental problems. At present, there are 1914 supervision problems in three batches, 1258 rectification and reform have been completed, the zero clearance rate is 65.73%, the total number of penalty cases in the province is 539, and the fine amount is 35.55 million yuan.

Pan Xianzhang, secretary of the party leading group and director of the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, said that the "100 days clearing zero" special action has played momentum, made a brand, and achieved remarkable results, not only solving a large number of outstanding ecological environment problems, but also highly affirmed by the provincial party committee, provincial government, and the Ministry of Ecological Environment, and widely praised by the people, and has become a resounding brand of ecological environment management in our province.

Notification of 5 typical cases

Since the launch of the "100 days Clearing Zero" special campaign, 62 typical environmental violations have been investigated and dealt with, including 2 fines per day, 15 seizure and detention, 29 production restrictions and 16 administrative detention. 67 enterprises with scattered pollution have been closed and banned.

At the press conference, Zhang Jiping, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment, announced five typical cases of environmental violations with a relatively large amount of punishment and serious violations of the law.

These five typical environmental illegal cases are, Quwo County Furuixin sewage treatment Plant to evade supervision and sewage discharge case, Taiyuan Xishan Coal Gasification Co., Ltd., Taiyuan City Tongzhou Energy Co., Ltd. interference with online monitoring data case, Shuozhou Coal Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Illegal dumping of industrial wastewater case and Shuozhou Senxiang Coal sales Co., Ltd. Illegal sewage case.

Zhang Jiping said: the next step will continue to carry out the "100-day clean-up" special campaign, persist in controlling pollution with an iron fist, clean up pollution with a heavy fist, and accurately control pollution, continue to promote the improvement of the ecological environment quality of the whole province, and promote "Erqing Blue."

Zero clearance upgrade "10 # 4"

"Today's press conference is not only a summary and review of the previous stage of work, but also a re-mobilization and re-deployment of the next step of work." Pan Xianzhang said: in the next step, the ecological environment system of the whole province will sum up experience, consolidate achievements, take advantage of the situation, examine problems, really do a good job of rectification and reform, and, with the courage of "gnawing hard bones," with the determination of "not defeating the enemy in the western region," resolutely carry out the "100 days clear zero" special operation to the end, vowing to win the overall victory of the "100 days clear zero" general battle.

In the future, on the basis of comprehensively promoting the ten zero clearance tasks, we should also focus on four key tasks. We should not only do a good job in the law enforcement and supervision of eco-environmental pollution in key areas of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and 4 cities in the surrounding areas and 4 cities in Fen-Wei Plain, but also do a good job in investigating and rectifying the illegal sewage discharge behavior in key areas such as 55 state-controlled air points and 58 national examination surface water sections; we should also do a good job in ensuring the environmental quality of the "Erqing Society" and resolutely realize the "Erqing Blue" so as to obviously enhance the blue sky well-being of the people. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of the existing urban sewage treatment plants and sewage interception pipe networks in the Fenhe River Basin, as well as the improvement and transformation of all sewage treatment plants, and make every effort to rectify and reform the environmental violations in drinking water source reserves at or above the county level.

"Ten aspects of zero content is not fixed. Next, according to the actual situation, we will dynamically adjust and increase the zero-clearing content in real time, not only to fully cover it, not to leave a dead corner, so that all kinds of acts of destroying the ecological environment will have nowhere to hide, but also to keep an eye on all kinds of problems to the end, and resolutely achieve the goal of 'clearing zero.' " Pan Xianzhang stressed.

Have a self-revolution.

At the press conference, a reporter asked why the special action of "clearing zero in a hundred days" should be carried out. In this regard, Pan Xianzhang made a detailed answer.

He said: for a long time, Shanxi, as an important energy and heavy chemical industry base in the country, has a relatively weak ecological environment, prominent industrial structural contradictions, a large historical debt, and a very limited total environment. At the provincial eco-environmental protection conference last year, Secretary Luo Huining made an important judgment that "three are more important than the whole country." Governor Lou Yangsheng asked to cure both the symptoms and the root causes and enhance the ability to manage the ecological environment. The ecological environment of our province is in the key stage of pressure superposition, load-bearing forward and climbing over the ridge, and many serious problems need to be solved urgently. In addition, in May this year, the feedback of the central environmental protection inspectors "looking back" involved a total of 38 rectification tasks and 94 rectification measures. "looking back" has tight working hours, heavy tasks, and great pressure.

This is a very key practical problem, the current ecological environment situation in our province is very severe, environmental air quality, water environmental quality, dust fall ranking at the bottom of the country, solid waste pollution problems occur frequently. As scheduled to hand in a good fight to win the fight against pollution qualified answers, the gap is very obvious. In addition, the National second Youth Association is about to be held, to show the people of the whole country a good image of the ecological environment of our province, is an urgent and important task.

Therefore, the ecological environment system of the whole province should, in accordance with the requirements of Secretary Luo Huining of the Provincial CPC Committee for a real self-revolution in the field of ecological environment, resolutely shoulder the political responsibility for the construction of ecological civilization, do not evade contradictions, and do not cover up ugliness. Through the special action of "clearing zero for a hundred days," we will focus on a major problem, investigation, rectification, and improvement of illegal sewage discharge in the whole province. To identify the breakthrough point of "cure the symptoms" and increase the degree of attack on the "root cause", through linkage and comprehensive measures, to help central ecological environmental protection inspectors and "looking back" tasks to be rectified and implemented, to help prevent weather pollution in autumn and winter, to help ensure the environmental quality of the "second Youth Association", to help consolidate the responsibility of sewage discharge enterprises to "who pollutes, who manages", and to help improve the quality of the ecological environment in our province. It will lay a solid foundation for winning the battle of blue sky and clear water as scheduled, and speeding up the realization of a high level of ecological environment protection and high-quality economic development.

"cleaning the house to meet the guests."

"the reason why we have positioned the special action as' zero clearance'is to take the initiative and act actively, to 'clean up the house to meet the guests', to take the initiative and act actively, and to clean up the house to meet the guests." we will wage a resolute, clean and thorough battle to eliminate the stock of illegal sewage discharge and resolutely curb the increase in illegal sewage discharge. We will make every effort to promote a fundamental change in the quality of the ecological environment in our province. "

Pan Xianzhang said: on 31 May, the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment issued a "circular on carrying out large-scale rectification of illegal discharge of pollutants" to all pollution discharge units in the province, requiring all kinds of pollution discharge units in the province to carry out self-examination and self-correction in an all-round way starting from 1 June. Since July 1, the province has deployed a special campaign to clean up illegal sewage discharge for 100 days, with the overall goal of sweeping pollution with an iron hand, accurate treatment, ecological priority, and green development. This is a hierarchical and progressive relationship, and it is also the ultimate goal of "clearing zero".

This special action to crack down on illegal sewage discharge in the province, including 10 aspects, mainly includes the content of "clearing zero in one hundred days." These 10 aspects are important factors that affect and restrict the improvement of ecological environment quality in our province. In particular, it highlights the important factors affecting the quality of the atmospheric environment, such as "scattered pollution" enterprises, loose coal, dust, sulfur dioxide, and so on, and highlights the key and difficult points in the treatment of the water environment. The signal is clear, the guidance is clear, the grasp is clear, the goal is clear, and it is convenient for law enforcement and inspection. Grasp these 10 aspects will hold the "cow nose" of ecological environment pollution control in our province.

Pan Xianzhang said: in the next step, the ecological and environmental departments of the whole province will firmly promote the special action of "clearing zero for 100 days" for the large-scale rectification of illegal sewage discharge, and do a good job in rectifying and reforming outstanding problems. At the same time, we should give full play to the function of the 12369 environmental protection reporting hotline, further establish and improve the public participation system such as the award reporting of ecological environmental pollution, and truly solve the problems in various ways. We will earnestly turn "clearing zero" into a bright business card and a resounding brand for the protection of the ecological environment in our province, strive to reverse the passive situation of the quality of the ecological environment in our province, and help fight the battle of pollution prevention and control.

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