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Shanxi Electric Power carries out Rolling calculation of New Energy consumption for the first time
Aug 5,2019
Source:Website of Shanxi Provincial people's Government
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SMM Network News: on August 2, the State Network Shanxi Electric Power Company made a rolling calculation of the new energy consumption capacity of Shanxi Power Grid during the 13th five-year Plan period. This is the first time that Shanxi Power Grid has carried out rolling calculation of new energy consumption in the next 2-3 years, which is of great significance to improve the level of new energy consumption and promote the comprehensive pilot work of energy revolution in Shanxi Province.

At present, Shanxi Province has become the first pilot project of comprehensive reform of the energy revolution in the country, and the development of new energy power generation industry has become an important measure for the Shanxi provincial government to become the leader of the energy revolution. By the end of June, the total installed capacity of new energy in Shanxi Power Grid exceeded 20 million kilowatts, ranking fifth in the country. According to the approved new energy projects in Shanxi Province, it is expected that the installation of new energy in Shanxi Power Grid will exceed 40 million in 2021.

In order to fully understand the situation of new energy consumption in Shanxi power grid in the future and ensure that the high-speed growth of new energy can be effectively absorbed, the national network Shanxi Electric Power, with the technical cooperation and support of the Chinese Academy of Electrical Sciences, finally formed the "Analysis and calculation report of New Energy consumption capacity of Shanxi Power Grid from 2019 to 2021". The report diagnosed the bottleneck of new energy consumption in the whole province, and put forward some constructive suggestions to promote the absorption capacity.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the rolling calculation, according to the actual load, start-up situation and output of new energy resources in the first half of 2018 and 2019, the company used the new energy production simulation calculation software to carry on the backtracking calculation. Compared with the actual abandonment limit, the deviation between new energy generation and abandoned electricity is not more than 3%. It is proved that the calculation software model, algorithm and sensitivity index can accurately reflect the new energy consumption of Shanxi power grid. Then, according to the relevant data in the rolling analysis and evaluation of Shanxi power grid for 2 to 3 years and the boundary conditions determined by consultation, the calculation and analysis work based on the unified calculation software platform of new energy consumption capacity of national network is carried out.

According to the calculation results, the company puts forward feasible suggestions for promoting new energy consumption in Shanxi in the future, including speeding up the construction of new energy supporting power grid projects in order to meet the requirements of large-scale new energy centralization and grid connection in the next two years. We will urge the government to implement the task of flexible transformation of thermal power units as soon as possible, take more measures and optimize the delivery curve, and implement the Yanhuai DC delivery market as soon as possible to ensure the landing of 7 million new energy sources. Strengthen the load side peak regulation capacity building, combined with reality, scientific and rational distribution of new energy. Speed up the construction of pumped storage power station, effectively improve the peak regulation capacity of power grid in our province.

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