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Sichuan accurate electricity price policy: electrolytic aluminum electricity price not more than 0.3 yuan
Aug 2,2019
Source:Henan nonferrous metals
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SMM News: on August 2, the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Sichuan Provincial Department of economy and Informatization, the Sichuan Regulatory Office of the State Energy Bureau, and the Sichuan Energy Bureau jointly issued a circular on "matters related to the implementation of accurate electricity price policies to support the development of characteristic industries."

Municipal (state) development and reform commission, department in charge of economy and information technology, energy bureau (office), national network Sichuan electric power company:

In order to thoroughly implement the "guiding opinions of the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial Government on implementing the Development Strategy of" one dry and multiple branches "and" on speeding up the Construction of the "5-1" Modern Industrial system to promote the High-quality Development of Industry, "the guiding opinions on optimizing the layout of Regional Industries" decision-making arrangements, According to the Sichuan Provincial people's Government's "opinions on deepening the Reform of Sichuan Electric Power system" (Chuanfu Fa (2018) No. 26), with the consent of the leaders of the provincial government, the following are notified on matters related to the implementation of the precise electricity price policy to support the development of characteristic industries.

1. To clarify the scope of the industry supported by the precise electricity price policy. Electrolytic aluminum, polysilicon, big data, new batteries and electrolytic hydrogen, which are in line with the national industrial policy, environmental protection policy and energy saving and emission reduction policy, are included in the scope of accurate electricity price policy support. According to the regional development strategy and characteristic industrial layout, we will focus on supporting the development of Leshan polysilicon, Guangyuan electrolytic aluminum, Ya'an big data, Suining lithium power, Panxi vanadium and titanium, etc., and create high-quality characteristic industrial agglomeration areas and dominant areas in line with the reality of our province.

Second, make clear the transmission and distribution price of the accurate electricity price policy. According to the principle of "controlling the middle and opening the two ends", the transmission and distribution price of electrolytic aluminum and polysilicon (put into production before September 1, 2018) is carried out with reference to the policy of stock transmission and distribution. Polysilicon (put into production on or after 1 September 2018, excluding the project of stopping production and rectifying and resuming production) implements a single transmission and distribution price of 0.105 yuan per kilowatt-hour. The new battery, big data and electrolytic hydrogen are based on electricity consumption in 2017. The incremental electricity transmission and distribution price from January 1, 2018 will be 0.105 yuan per kilowatt hour, and the titanium extraction from blast furnace slag will enjoy the relevant policies of electric energy substitution. The transmission and distribution price shall be 0.105 yuan per kilowatt hour.

Third, enrich the mode of trading to form an accurately supported transaction price. Adhering to the principle of marketization, the transaction price is formed by electricity consumption enterprises and power generation enterprises through consultation or through market competition. Qualified power enterprises can enjoy full hydropower transactions. Make full use of retained electricity, surplus electricity, low abandoned water and other existing trading varieties, and combined with the actual to further enrich and improve the market-oriented trading mode, the formation of accurate support of the transaction price.

Fourth, multi-measures at the same time to achieve accurate support of the to-home electricity price. The household electricity price is composed of transaction electricity price and transmission and distribution electricity price, and the government fund and additional electricity price shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions. The household electricity prices of electrolytic aluminum, polysilicon, big data, new battery and electrolytic hydrogen are 0.30 yuan / kWh, 0.40 yuan / kWh, 0.35 yuan / kWh, 0.30 yuan / kWh, respectively. Among them, Guangyuan electrolytic aluminum (new production capacity), Leshan polysilicon, Ya'an big data, Suining lithium power, etc., the household electricity price is not higher than 0.30 yuan / kWh, 0.40 yuan / kWh, 0.35 yuan / kWh.

Fifth, do a good job in the convergence of relevant policies. Give full play to the pilot role of the hydropower consumption industry demonstration zone, and the household electricity price of the above-mentioned industries in the demonstration area shall not be higher than the corresponding household electricity price level corresponding to Article 4 of this Circular. Local governments are encouraged to make comprehensive use of other relevant policies in accordance with their powers and relevant provisions to superimpose accurate electricity prices to support industrial development. We will encourage the establishment of a linkage mechanism between transaction and household electricity prices and the market prices of the products of power enterprises.

Sixth, strengthen organizational coordination and cooperation. Development and reform (energy), economic information and other departments in accordance with their functions and responsibilities to form a joint force, cooperate to do a good job in project screening, audit and publicity and other related work, to ensure that the accurate electricity price policy will be implemented. The relevant commitments made by local governments to attract investment abroad, which go beyond the support policies at the provincial level, shall be implemented by the local governments themselves.

This Circular shall be implemented until December 31, 2022, and shall be adjusted as appropriate after the expiration of this Circular. The declaration and other matters shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the existing policies. If there is a major adjustment in national policy, it shall follow its provisions.

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