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The first production Line of the Alloying Project of Chinalco Guizhou Branch is officially put into production
Jul 30,2019
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SMM News: July 27, Guizhou Branch "retreat into the garden" alloy project the first high-end alloy bar production line officially into production, and a successful casting, the production of the first batch of products. So far, with the joint efforts of Guizhou Branch and all parties involved, the first production line of the alloy project, originally scheduled to be completed in October, has been put into production more than two months ahead of schedule, marking new progress in the transformation and upgrading of Guizhou Branch's "three retrogression, three advances," and a new step in the journey of "reinventing new Guijialu and reinventing resplendence."

At the production ceremony held on the morning of the same day, Chen Gang, party committee secretary and executive director of Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Huang Liangcheng, party committee secretary and chairman of China Color Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Nie Yawen, deputy general manager of Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Zhou Shuanglin, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission of Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Yang Menggang, deputy general manager and commander of the alloyed project construction command of Guizhou Branch, Zhao Kun, deputy general manager of Guizhou Branch, and Jiang Fenggui, chief financial officer of Guizhou Branch, Peng Tao, deputy general manager and Han Baoyuan, chief financial officer of Guizhou Aluminum Plant, Liu Defu, party committee secretary and deputy general manager of Guizhou Huaren Company, as well as responsible persons of various departments and secondary units of Guizhou Aluminum Plant and Guizhou Branch, Guizhou Branch alloyed project construction and production team, Guizhou Huaren Company representatives, general contractor Zhongcai Science and Technology Gui Aluminum project management team and construction and supervision unit representatives jointly witnessed the process of aluminum production. Yang Menggang presided over the production ceremony.

At 10:27 in the morning, Wang Shunhui, director of the Electrolytic Aluminum Plant and deputy commander of the alloying project of Guizhou Branch, reported to Chen Gang that the production line had the conditions for aluminum production. Chen Gang immediately issued the aluminum production instructions.

The aluminum water table next to the melting furnace is slowly tilted and the liquid aluminum is poured into the furnace. Yang Menggang announced the success of aluminum.

At the ceremony, Liu Defu, on behalf of Guizhou Huaren Company, warmly congratulated the alloy project on its smooth completion and production, and said that the cadres and employees of Huaren Company will continue to give full support and cooperation in accordance with the guiding ideology of "one game of chess for one family" and the principle of common progress, mutual benefit, win-win and common development of brother units. From the high-quality aluminum soil and water conservation supply, hydropower atmosphere supply, close cooperation between up and down processes, production and living area coordinated management and other aspects of all-round seamless connection, to ensure the operation of electrolytic aluminum and alloyed system go hand in hand and grow together.

On behalf of Chinese science and technology, Huang Liangcheng congratulated the project on its timely completion and smooth production. He pointed out that only four months after the resumption of the construction of the project, the goal of completion and production of high-end alloy bars has been achieved, and it has become impossible to become possible, opening a new chapter in the construction of the alloy project of Chinalco Group, and the achievements have not come easily. Huang Liangcheng said that the completion and production of high-end alloy bars is only the first milestone of the alloyed project, and the task of fully completing and putting into production by the end of the year is even more arduous. China Color Science and Technology will concentrate on the company's efforts, work hard to overcome difficulties, resolutely do a good job in controlling the progress, quality, cost, and safety of the project, and complete the project construction objectives on time and high quality with the support of Guizhou Branch and all participating units. Submit a satisfactory answer sheet to the leading group of Chinalco Group.

In his speech, Chen Gang pointed out that the alloying project is an important project for Guizhou Branch to "return the city to the park." it is an important measure to thoroughly implement the Agreement on Cooperation and Development of Chinalco Enterprises in Guizhou signed between Chinalco and the Guizhou Provincial people's Government, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of Guizhou Branch to achieve high-quality development. With the care, support and help of Chinalco, the optimization and adjustment scheme of the alloying project was approved by the headquarters at the end of February this year and officially resumed construction in March. In the process of alloyed project construction, Guizhou Branch attaches great importance to it, and all units and departments cooperate closely to create conditions and support for the project construction, and to promote the project construction of the whole company. According to the node target, the project construction site command has made a careful network progress plan, and implemented the progress of each sub-project to each day. In the spirit of "four shifts and one good" and the spirit of "seeing five to five", more than 30 comrades in the command headquarters arrange the same day's project plan with the participating units every morning, supervise the construction units to go to work and safety conditions, and complete the workload on the same day with the general contractor and the participating units in the evening, discuss solutions to the problems found, and work day and night. And strictly adhere to zero tolerance of safety issues, zero quality incidents, zero procrastination in project progress, zero slackness in team training. In a short period of four months after the resumption of work on the project, the construction of the first high-end alloy bar was completed, so that the production line originally scheduled to be put into production on October 1 realized the ignition and drying on July 1, and was formally put into production today, more than two months ahead of schedule to achieve the production target.

Here, on behalf of the Guizhou Branch, Chen Gang extended his sincere greetings to the comrades of the command headquarters who fought hard day and night for the project construction, and to the units and departments of the Guizhou branch that actively supported the project construction, as well as the relevant units and departments of Guizhou Huaren and Guizhou Aluminum works. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the comrades of the general contracting units and construction units who have worked hard for the project construction.

Chen Gang hoped that in the follow-up construction tasks, all units and departments of Guizhou Branch will, as always, provide support and guarantee for project construction. I hope that Guizhou Huaren, Guizhou Aluminum Plant and other relevant units and departments will continue to provide strong assistance. In particular, comrades of the project construction site command should continue to carry forward the spirit of "particularly able to bear hardships, especially capable of fighting, especially capable of dedication, especially patient, and especially capable of unity," and do a good job in the construction and management of follow-up projects. It is necessary to strengthen the communication with the general contractor, keep the working train of thought consistent, strengthen the on-site management, and carry out the construction plan scientifically. It is necessary to strengthen the contact with the construction side and earnestly help solve the problems that occur on the spot. It is necessary to do a good job in the control of the whole process of the project, strengthen the safety management and quality management in the construction process, and, on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, strictly control the project cost not exceeding the budget estimate, ensure that the safety and environmental protection objectives of zero accidents and zero environmental pollution incidents in the construction of the project are completed, the quality target of 100% of the qualified rate of the project and 75% of the excellent and good rate of the project is completed, and the project is completed and put into production in an all-round way ahead of schedule. As soon as possible to achieve production standards to achieve results, to promote Guizhou Branch in the transformation and upgrading of high-quality development on the road to create new glory.

In his concluding speech, Yang Menggang said: we should resolutely implement the "four better", strive to practice the "five see five unique" fighting spirit, and do a good job in the construction of follow-up projects and the operation and management of production lines, so as to achieve the business goal of "reaching production and achieving results" at an early date, and present gifts to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China.

It is reported that after feeding aluminum into the high-end alloy bar production line, after batching, melting, casting and other processes, by 10:35 in the evening, the first batch of alloy rods were successfully cast and smoothly removed from the line.

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