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Anyang Iron and Steel Company held a grand report on the factory situation in the first half of 2019
Jul 22,2019
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SMM News: on the morning of July 19, the factory situation report of Angang Group in the first half of 2019 was solemnly held in the Workers' Theater. Group leaders Li Lijian, Liu Runsheng, Li Cunlong, Liu Nan, Li Fuyong, Zhang Huaibin, Zhao Jixiu, Fu Peizhong, and Zhou Xiuting, director of the Group, attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Huaibin, chairman of the trade union of the group company.

At the meeting, Liu Runsheng, general manager of the group company, first made a work report on behalf of the group company entitled "strengthen confidence, work hard, overcome difficulties, achieve good results, and strive to achieve the goal of the task for the whole year."

The "report" pointed out: in the first half of the year, in the face of the difficult situation of two-way extrusion in the upstream and downstream markets and increasingly stringent environmental protection control, Angang deeply promoted the overall strategy of "innovation driven, quality leadership, quality improvement, efficiency improvement, transformation and development," constantly improved the "2332" control system, and went all out to change ideas, grasp management, promote transformation, and seek development, and the overall situation of production and operation remained stable and good. In the first half of the year, the group company realized sales revenue of 22.7 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 1.2 billion yuan, of which profits were 629 million yuan.

The report makes a comprehensive, systematic and objective review and summary of the achievements and bright spots achieved in the first half of the year from seven aspects: first, continuous improvement in production and management; second, fruitful brand building; third, continuous consolidation of environmental protection advantages; fourth, vigorous development of the non-steel industry; fifth, solid progress in the reform of state-owned enterprises; sixth, a marked improvement in the level of management; and seventh, the overall strengthening of party building.

The report scientifically analyzes the macroeconomic and industry situation, as well as the situation of the enterprises themselves. The focus is on the arrangement and deployment of the work in the second half of the year from seven aspects: first, it is necessary to highlight the cost reduction of the system, tap the potential of standards, and enhance the ability of control before iron; second, we should adhere to the "double high" leadership, continuously optimize the structure, and enhance the level of efficiency after steel; third, we should adjust the industrial layout, speed up the "three exits," accumulate the momentum of transformation and upgrading, and fourth, deepen environmental governance, promote the "two integration", and expand the advantages of ecological environmental protection. Fifth, it is necessary to focus on reform, implement accurate breakthroughs, and stimulate the vitality of enterprise development; sixth, it is necessary to establish a firm lean concept, strengthen professional management, and raise the level of management and control; seventh, we should keep in mind our original mission, strengthen party building, and consolidate the joint force of high-quality development.

On behalf of the group company, Li Lijian, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, made an important speech entitled "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, keep the mission in mind, and speed up the construction of a strong modern iron and steel enterprise." the emphasis is placed on three aspects: first, tracing back to the source and not forgetting the road, the original mission has always been as strong as the mountain; second, quenching Li Feng adheres to the established road, the original mission strives to spectrum the brilliant chapter; Third, a firm goal to follow the way forward, the original mission to sail a new journey.

Li Lijian pointed out that it is only when the original ideals and aspirations are not forgotten that the mission can be accomplished. No matter how far you go, you can't forget the road you walked, and you can't forget why you started. Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. adhere to the industrial service to the country, dedication to society, the benefit of employees as the pursuit of enterprise goals, after suffering, unswervingly. Angang was born because of the founding of iron and steel, grew up because of industry, and grew strong because of iron and steel power. It has made contributions to the construction of New China, the rapid economic development of Henan Province, and the manufacturing power, and molded the "steel bars and iron bones". In the process of development, we have always relied on the staff and workers wholeheartedly, persisted in relying on the staff and workers, developing for the sake of the workers, and sharing the development achievements by the workers, and trained a large number of role models of the times to show the spirit of Anyang and advocate the mainstream value. A prosperous ten-mile steel city has been built on the remote land in the western suburbs of Anyang, and while the efficiency of the enterprise has increased, the welfare of the staff and workers has been improved. With the implementation of the enterprise annuity and supplementary medical insurance system, the per capita income of workers has repeatedly reached new highs, all workers have more "sense of well-being" and "sense of achievement," and the community consciousness of sharing the same breath, shared destiny, and seeking development with enterprises has been continuously strengthened.

Li Lijian pointed out that direction determines the future and the road determines fate. Since the 13th five-year Plan, we have formulated and implemented the overall strategy of "innovation driven, quality leading, improving quality and increasing efficiency, transformation and development", made great efforts to create the "three major characteristics" and promoted the "three exits." the results are constantly showing, and the results are exciting. The results of the "three major characteristics" are prominent, green development continues to take the lead, efficient development is stable, and high-quality development is like a broken bamboo. "three out of" sonorous steps, "out of Anyang to develop non-steel" to take new steps, "out of Anyang to develop Angang" to achieve new breakthroughs, "out of the country to develop Angang" has made new progress. At this time, we deeply feel that the "13th five-year Plan" strategic system is in line with the general trend of industry development and the reality of Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and is the action guide for us to build a strong modern iron and steel enterprise. It is a vivid practice for Angang to "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations and keep in mind the mission" in the new era.

Li Lijian stressed: while seeing the achievements, we should still maintain a clear understanding, must not be blindly optimistic, and should not have the idea of "breathing a sigh of relief and resting our feet." We must be soberly aware that the downward pressure on the macro-economy is increasing unabated, the large profit trend of the iron and steel industry is no longer coming, and the outstanding internal problems endanger the development of enterprises. We should make up our minds, see the bayonet as red, do our internal work more deeply, more carefully, and more solidly, and speed up the pace of building a strong modern iron and steel enterprise along the established 13th five-year strategic system.

Li Lijian stressed: in the face of the future and challenges, we should inherit the iron and steel dream and integrate our original intention and mission into the new journey of revitalizing development and casting resplendence. In order to build a strong modern iron and steel enterprise, we must adhere to the leadership of the Party. Adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening party building are the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises and the power source for the sustainable development of Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. At any time and under any circumstances, we must run the party's leadership through the whole process of enterprise reform and development, unswervingly listen to the party's words and follow the party's path, so as to ensure that Anyang Iron and Steel Company will always break the waves in the right direction. It is necessary to adhere to the direction of the party's management, maintain the determination of development, persist in the party's management of cadres, activate the driving force for development, and persist in the party's management of talents so as to condense the joint force of development.

Li Lijian pointed out: in building a strong modern iron and steel enterprise, we must adhere to the fact that the center of efficiency must not be changed. Benefit is the common lifeline of enterprises and workers, and it is the magic weapon for the survival and development of Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. At any time and under any circumstances, we must firmly establish the value thinking and benefit guidance centered on economic benefits, consciously integrate the creative action into all posts and all kinds of work, and ensure the promotion of enterprise efficiency and competitiveness. It is necessary to optimize the stock and expand the increment around the "20 million" goal. Headquarters to create a modern high-quality steel base, Zhoukou base to create a transformation and upgrading model factory. It is necessary to revolve around the goal of "200 billion," be the dominant industry, and strengthen the non-steel industry. The main iron and steel industry should unswervingly promote reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and the non-steel industry should unswervingly expand the external market.

In the afternoon, the delegations held serious and heated discussions around the important speech made by Li Lijian, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, and the "report" delivered by Liu Runsheng, general manager of the group company.

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