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The second stainless Steel Water Pipe Development Forum was successfully held in Foshan
Jul 19,2019
Source:Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association]
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SMM Network News: July 18, led by the Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association jointly sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Urban Water supply Association, Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association Water Pipe Branch co-organized the "second stainless Steel Water Pipe Industry Development Forum" was successfully held in the conference room on the third floor of Crown Holiday Shop in Foshan.

Chen Peihua, executive vice president of Guangdong stainless steel materials and products association and general manager of Guangdong Weilian Great Wall, du Haibo, executive vice president and chairman of Foshan Wanjiahong, Li Yanping, executive vice president and general manager of Guangdong Haili, Chen Rong, vice president and general manager of Guangdong Yangcheng Machinery, she Shengqun, executive vice chairman unit and marketing director of Shuangxing Group, Ma Wenqiu, executive president of the association water management branch and general manager of Shenzhen Minle. Chen Weidong, chief engineer of Shenzhen Yachang director and special expert of the association, Gao Shenghua, special expert of water pipe branch and deputy general manager of Shanghai Weigu, senior engineer of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Technology Center, pure ferrite expert, Dr. Zou Yong, senior engineer and welding technical expert Wang Qiuping; Pan Jingsheng, secretary general of Guangdong Urban Water supply Association, representatives of relevant downstream associations such as Guangdong Decoration Industry Association, Foshan Interior Design Association, and nearly 100 representatives of enterprises in the industry, as well as media reporters such as Foshan Daily, Interface, and NetEase, attended the forum.

This forum continues to adhere to the "specialized and refined" characteristics and proceed from the leading direction, divided into two links in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, we will mainly give standard propaganda and keynote speeches; in the afternoon, we will exchange and interact with each other. The forum was presided over by Lu Chunrong, secretary general of the water management branch and general manager of Henghexin.

Lin Zeyu, executive president, secretary general and secretary of the Party Branch of the Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association, attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that the current development of stainless steel pipes is facing an unprecedented historical opportunity, the Association through the holding of the forum hope that everyone can have a collision of ideas, deepen exchanges to promote. President Lin pointed out that the value of stainless steel water pipes is to ensure, that is, quality, that is, health, that is, safety, is synonymous with intimate. Therefore, the theme of this forum highlights quality, is to guide and arouse the majority of stainless steel water pipe enterprises to firmly establish a strong awareness of quality first, really attach importance to product quality, strengthen brand cultivation, take the quality brand, quality win the development road, with high-quality stainless steel pipe and integrity management to make consumers more satisfied, let the market more prosperous, let the development more healthy. President Lin suggested that industry enterprises "tooling" and "home decoration" both hands are hard, in a good environment should actively seize opportunities, take the initiative to promote marketing, broaden the rich channels.

Adhere to the quality, the achievement of the brand. The theme of this forum is "quality leads to the future", focusing on the quality of the industry, exploring the root of long-term development, and deeply in line with the current development trend of stainless steel water pipe market. The forum invited experts and responsible persons of domestic leading steel mills, industry brand enterprises, downstream organizations, supply chain enterprises, and so on, to discuss and share the relevant standards, quality, brand, material selection, matching, application, trend, and market of stainless steel water pipes, and to think about and interpret stainless steel water pipes and their industrial chain from their respective practices and different dimensions. For the opportunities and challenges facing the industry and the direction of development to do a comprehensive and objective analysis, systematic carding summary.

I. implementation of standards

Interpretation and implementation of the Group Standard of "stainless Steel Pipe and double clamping Pipe fittings"

Gao Shenghua, a special expert of the stainless Steel Pipe Branch of Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association, puts forward the market demand of the group standard of "stainless steel pipe and double clamping pipe fittings" from the point of view of analyzing the defects of various thin-wall stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings standards. He pointed out that my group standard has several obvious advantages: 1 the outer diameter of steel pipe corresponds to its wall thickness, which is convenient for the application of the standard. (2) the wall thickness of pipe fittings is clear and clear, and the measuring point of wall thickness is stipulated. (3) the wall thickness of the pipe fitting in specification I is increased by one grade, so that the pressure of the pipe reaches 2.5MPa. The advanced technology and reasonable index meet the requirements of 2.5MPa use in our country. (4) the Ferritic stainless steel with better resistance to Cl was prospectively introduced into the standard. T/GDSS 02 / 2018 "stainless steel pipe and double compression pipe fittings" is a more rigorous standard with reference to the relevant national and industry standards that have been issued and implemented.

Interpretation and implementation of the Group Standard of "support and Hanger fittings for stainless Steel Pipeline installation"

Chen Weidong, director and chief engineer of Shenzhen Yachang Technology Co., Ltd., interprets in detail the background significance, guiding ideology, compilation instructions, application scope and main contents of the newly issued group standard "support and hanger fittings for stainless steel pipe installation". The traditional hanger, the new hanger and the finished hanger are compared. He pointed out that the formulation of the body standard of "support and hanger fittings for stainless steel pipe installation" will greatly promote the installation quality of stainless steel pipe and greatly improve the installation speed and efficiency. It has given a reliable guarantee for the installation convenience, stability and firmness of the pipeline. Due to the requirements for the material of the installation fittings, the metal corrosion caused by the fittings can be improved, thus the service life of the stainless steel pipeline can be guaranteed, and the leakage of the pipeline can be improved and avoided at the same time, and the economic benefit of the stainless steel pipeline can be improved. Chen believes that this standard fills a gap in the country, and has produced good economic and social value for the standardization development of stainless steel pipe supports and hangers, improving engineering quality, standardizing the development of the industry, and so on.

II. Keynote speech

"how to avoid" swarm "to launch stainless steel water pipe project and ignore quality problems"

In the report, Xu Zhihua, technical director of Shenzhen Minle Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., makes an in-depth analysis of the current situation of stainless steel pipe industry and the growth situation of enterprises, and makes a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of large and small enterprises in stainless steel pipe industry. combined with their own experience, the importance of quality control in stainless steel pipe industry is put forward. Xu pointed out that there may be new materials in the stainless steel water pipe industry in the future, called on colleagues in the industry to strictly grasp the quality of products, and put forward suggestions and requirements from the aspects of raw materials, technological process, standardized production and installation.

Thoughts on "simultaneous Development of quality" in stainless Steel Water Pipe Enterprises under good Environment

Feng Haipeng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yachang Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech that under the good market environment, stainless steel pipe and water pipe enterprises should seize the opportunity, step up promotion, take the brand as the guide, strengthen the brand consciousness, and highlight the brand elegant demeanor. Feng Zong said that quality is the foundation of the survival of enterprises and the lifeline of opening up the market. "A hundred years plan, quality first", in a good market environment, Feng called on stainless steel water pipe enterprises to improve product quality as an important business strategy and production strategy. In the current market environment, stainless steel water pipes are used more and more widely. In the face of more and more "picky" end customers and fierce internal and external competition, improving product quality is of great significance to the brand promotion of enterprises and the overall development of the industry.

"2019 stainless Steel Pipe Market-both opportunities and challenges"

Li Jun, marketing director of Guangzhou Meiya Co., Ltd., said in his speech that in 2019, the stainless steel water pipe market-opportunities and challenges coexist, opportunities lie in national policy guidance, local government promotion, residents' health awareness. He said that more than half of the provinces in the country have begun the transformation of stainless steel for urban drinking water pipes. However, there are unfavorable factors in the market competition situation, such as the overall market environment is not optimistic, fish and dragon mixed, the influx of other industries, the rapid influx of small factories, impact on the original ecological balance of the industry, but also lead to challenges in the industry, such as lack of technical barriers, lack of high capital investment, lack of entity, lack of qualification, general licensing situation and so on. He called on the stainless steel water pipe industry to adhere to its conscience and quality, adhere to the bottom line of product quality, timely adjust the market strategy, and actively respond to market changes and risks.

"more and more cross-border enterprises of stainless steel water pipes, how to blend"

In his speech, Chen Gongli, executive deputy general manager of Chengdu Common Management Group Co., Ltd., introduced the development trend of stainless steel water pipes from a vivid and objective point of view, and put forward the challenges that cross-border giants may face in the field of stainless steel water pipes. At the same time, Mr. Chen expressed his views on how to find their own position and give full play to their respective advantages, and expounded that colleagues in the industry should set up the concept of accepting all rivers and allowing them to be big, and make concerted efforts to maintain and realize the real big market of stainless steel water pipes.

"break through the traditional model and embrace the home decoration channel"

Dong Cheng, general manager of Guangdong Liansu stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., focused on the prospect of the thin-wall stainless steel water supply pipe industry with a witty and humorous speech, saying that once the home improvement market is opened, there will be a great demand. In view of the problem of how to break through the traditional model, Dong put forward his own views: unified installation tools, supporting large factories, reading new standards, industry association guidance, integrating ready-made resources, giving full play to their respective advantages and avoiding weaknesses, and enhancing the market competitiveness of Guangdong stainless steel water pipe enterprises.

Material selection and Application of stainless Steel

Dr. Zou Yong, a senior engineer and expert on ultra-pure voxel stainless steel in Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., has made a professional and detailed analysis, interpretation and specific guidance on the development and application of stainless steel, material selection and processing of stainless steel. He said that the choice of stainless steel should consider not only its general corrosion resistance, but also its local corrosion resistance, such as crevice corrosion of screws and bolts at the contact surface. Second, focus on the physical properties of stainless steel, such as magnetism. For stainless steel lined with containers, towers, grooves, etc., their expansion coefficients should be considered; for stainless steels manufacturing all kinds of heat exchange equipment, their thermal conductivity should be considered, and so on. The subsequent processing technology of stainless steel, such as welding, cold bending, deep drawing, machining, etc., also needs to be considered when selecting materials. Dr. Zou Yong pointed out that the factors affecting the corrosion of water are: chemical composition of water, temperature, flow rate, biological activity and so on. As long as we understand and master the characteristics of stainless steel, and correct material selection and reasonable use, we can completely prevent the local corrosion of stainless steel. He suggested that according to the national conditions of our country and drawing lessons from the experience of foreign countries, the stainless steel used in water system in our country should consider resource-saving stainless steel, such as ferrite or duplex stainless steel.

Evolution process of material selection for Water supply Pipeline

Pan Jingsheng, secretary-general of Guangdong Urban Water supply Association, systematically introduced the evolution process of domestic water supply pipeline material selection. He said that since 2005, in the process of reforming the secondary water supply network in Guangzhou, a large number of stainless steel pipe materials have been used. In the process of water supply network reconstruction in the past ten years, the number of cities using stainless steel pipe is increasing, especially in the Pearl River Delta, and stainless steel pipe is widely used as water supply pipe. Secretary General Pan revealed that Hong Kong and Macao are also switching to stainless steel pipes, especially Macao, which has made extensive use of stainless steel pipes in recent years for the renovation of new buildings and old water supply systems. He stressed that stainless steel materials used for water supply pipes must be above 304 standards, and even 316 standard materials must be used in offshore cities such as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Macao, and so on. Low-standard materials must not be selected for the production of water supply pipes, otherwise it will cause serious adverse consequences.

III. Licensing ceremony

At the forum, Chen Peihua, du Haibo and Li Yanping, executive vice chairmen, issued plaques and certificates to the drafting units and drafters of the group standards for "support and hanger fittings for stainless steel pipe installation."

IV. Technical exchanges

Solid solution Heat treatment of stainless Steel Tubes and fittings

Chang Yumin, deputy general manager of Guangdong Shichuang Metal Science and Technology Co., Ltd., explained in detail the function and principle of solid solution heat treatment of stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings, and analyzed them through some examples. He said that austenitic stainless steel softens and improves corrosion resistance by solid solution treatment, so that the microstructure and composition of steel pipe are uniform. Eliminate work hardening to facilitate continued cold working and restore the inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Cleaning Technology and equipment of stainless Steel Pipe fittings

Kuang Bin, general manager of Jiangmen Xiantai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., introduced the importance of stainless steel pipe cleaning and the problems existing in the old cleaning methods, and put forward the requirements of stainless steel pipe cleaning equipment and some advantages of the new equipment: using ultrasound and spray or bubbling instead of previous soaking, it is easier to flush out the stains inside the pipe fittings; the mesh belt is designed as a herringbone net, which is conducive to the smooth transmission of the equipment. The equipment cleaning section and the drying section are separated and have a drop, which is beneficial for the cleaned workpiece to discharge the water and stains hidden in the tube during the falling and tumbling process.

"Intelligent Automation equipment to improve the production efficiency of stainless Steel Water Pipe"

Wu Jianbo, general manager of Foshan Jiarui Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd., mainly analyzes the problems existing in the traditional water riser, and puts forward the promoting effect of the new generation of intelligent automation equipment on improving the production efficiency of stainless steel water pipe. He said that the new water rising machine adopts a patented mechanical mold-locking structure, and the main pressure cylinder is only 80 cylinder diameter, which has the characteristics of low oil consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and so on. In particular, the mechanical self-locking mode solves the problem of fixture rebound caused by the leakage of the main pressure cylinder, the maintenance is convenient, and a person can complete the maintenance work independently. The punching needle adopts the patented floating structure, which greatly reduces the situation of broken needle or scraping die.

After the technical exchange speech, the representatives of the participating enterprises exchanged and discussed interactively and enthusiastically on the production and processing of stainless steel water pipes, the standard system, the testing results and the common problems in the application.

The atmosphere of the second stainless Steel Water Pipe Industry Development Forum was harmonious and warm. The meticulous preparation, wonderful sharing, pragmatic attitude and objective analysis of the guests resonated with the delegates, triggered thinking, provided reference, and broadened their thinking.

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