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Guinea signs memorandum with Liberia to export iron ore by way of export
Source:Business Office of the Embassy in Liberia
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SMM News: July 16, Libya "home page of the African newspaper" reported that Lee President George Viah visited Guinea from 11 to 13 July to discuss with President Conte on issues such as the economy, security and bilateral stability of the two countries. During the period, the two governments signed a memorandum on the development of iron ore resources in Guinea, such as Mifeigi, Zogotta and Zali, and exported them through Libuchanan, Monrovia and other ports through the Libyan railway facilities.

Critics believe that iron ore reserves in the region are estimated at more than US $21 billion, because the mining area is more than 500km from Conakry, the capital, and the construction of railways could cost as much as US $10 billion, and exports through the port and railway will greatly save development money. At the same time, the construction or maintenance of relevant railways and port infrastructure in Libya will greatly promote economic development and create more jobs.

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