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"demon nickel" crazy! The steel mill is up! The tube factory, the plate factory, is coming up with a wave?
Jul 17,2019
Source:Guangdong stainless Steel Materials and products Association
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SMM News: in recent days, the WeChat circle of friends of colleagues in the industry is boiling again!

What for? Answer: just because "demon nickel" is too active, keep going up, arrogant and domineering, "crazy" fire connected to the sky, rose to hi burst table!

The price of nickel goes up, and the material goes up! The news of the price increase made the industry run with joy. Last night, Lennie hit as high as 14200. Shanghai nickel closed at 109460 yuan per ton in the evening, up more than 4% during the day and rising for the fifth consecutive day. Go up, go up again and again! The market is extremely hot, summer carnival. Off-season, it is not easy to catch a stainless steel price can play a supporting role, at this time, how can we miss the opportunity to pry into the market?! Judging from the relevant feedback, the market ripple effect seems to be obvious.

The author believes that whether it is steel mills or mid-stream traders, "sandwich layer" tube factories and plate mills, or downstream dealers, the mainstream consciousness at this time is to form a "United front", and the willingness of all parties to look forward to rising prices is relatively strong. Yesterday morning steel mill guidance price, Hongwang, Lianzhong raised again, Hongwang 304 cold rolling up 100, Lianzhong LH/2B up 50, Qingshan 201 cold rolling up 50. In the previous two days, 304, 316L have risen sharply.

On July 1, Qingshan 304 hot rolled narrow strip 13700 yuan / ton, up 400 yuan / ton from June 17. Over the next few days, the upward momentum was insufficient, and prices continued to fall. It was cut to a half-month low of 13400 yuan per ton by July 9, and then rose to 13800 yuan per ton by the middle of the month. And other steel mill resources rise and fall path is also roughly the same.

Today, Hongwang 304 and 201 rose another 100 and 50, respectively; North Sea Chengde 300 series rose 200 to 350; Dongte 304 rose 150 to 316L by 200.

Raw materials are rising, does the tube factory board factory follow the rise? Yesterday and today, several pipe mills followed the pace of steel mills and took the lead in issuing a notice of price increase, which increased by 300 yuan per ton for 304 yuan and 100 yuan per ton for 201 yuan.

A big dealer of a well-known pipe factory said: the city has arrived, this year to seize this wave of the market, determine your New year walk home posture.

Does this sentence reflect or represent the mentality of tubesheet dealers and even the whole market at this time? Whether the performance in the second half of the year is good or not depends on the feeling of this wave!

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