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Guinean National Mining Company has obtained a number of exploration and mining certificates
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SMM News: according to media reports Agence Ecofin, Guinea's national mining company (SOGUIPAMI) recently obtained a number of mining licenses and exploration certificates, including: two gold mining certificates (Nyagassola,Siguiri), a diamond mining license (Kerouane), a manganese mining license (Conakry), a basic metal exploration license (nickel, cobalt, nickel, etc.). The company has recently obtained a number of mining and exploration certificates, including two gold mining certificates (gold mining permits), one diamond mining license (Conakry), one manganese mining license (Conakry) and one basic metals prospecting license (nickel, cobalt, nickel, etc.).

SOGUIPAMI said that because of the wide use of basic metals in the field of electric vehicle batteries, the company decided to develop basic metals projects as soon as possible for strategic reasons.

Mamady, general manager of SOGUIPAMI. Fofanah (Mamady FOFANA) said the company would assess the value of the certificate in an appropriate way and with an adequate budget. Mr Mamady expects the company's mining projects to get an internal rate of return of 30 per cent and a net present value after tax of more than $100m between now and the end of 2021.


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