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Sixth batch of new energy recommended catalogue special vehicles: 52 selected, 20 will receive the highest central financial subsidy
Jul 17,2019
Source:First electric network
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SMM News: on July 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the recommended Model catalogue for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles (the sixth batch in 2019), a total of 316 new energy vehicles in the list. Among them, 202 models meet the technical requirements of state subsidies in 2019, 96 models meet the technical requirements of products subsidized by the state in 2018, and 18 other new energy models.

According to the models, of the 316 models selected in this batch, a total of 30 new energy passenger cars, 230 new energy passenger cars and 56 new energy special vehicles were selected.

According to the interpretation of the subsidy policy in 2019 issued by the Ministry of Finance, in view of the situation in some places where non-subsidy measures such as unlimited travel, free purchase, and licensing convenience are linked to the recommended catalogue, starting from 2019, the new policy stipulates that products that meet the requirements of the automobile product announcement but do not meet the technical threshold for subsidies shall be included in the recommended catalogue.

In order to count the subsidies enjoyed by this batch of new energy special vehicles, this paper only analyzes the models that meet the technical requirements of state subsidies in 2019.

Of the 202 models that met the technical requirements for subsidies in 2019, 121 were selected for new energy buses, 52 for new energy special vehicles and 29 for new energy passenger vehicles. New energy special vehicles account for 26%, and then super new energy passenger vehicles.

In terms of power type, all the 52 new energy special vehicles selected in this batch are pure electric products, plug-in hybrid models and fuel cell special vehicles are selected. From the point of view of product types, new energy sanitation vehicles and new energy logistics vehicles are special owners of new energy products, accounting for more than 40%.

In terms of the number of selected models, 52 new energy special vehicles come from 25 special vehicle manufacturers, of which Fujian Longma sanitation equipment has the largest number of models, up to 9. Nanjing Jinlong, BAIC Futian and Dongfeng were all selected as four models, tied for second place. In addition to the models listed in the list, 12 special-purpose vehicle manufacturers, including Sichuan Geely Commercial vehicles, were selected for one model.

From the point of view of the type of power battery, similar to the new energy bus, lithium iron phosphate battery is also widely used in the field of new energy special vehicle, accounting for more than 80% of the total. The proportion of ternary battery in this batch decreased to only 15%. Two other models are equipped with nickel-cobalt lithium manganate batteries and multi-composite lithium-ion batteries.

From the point of view of the matching motor types, this batch of 52 new energy special vehicles, permanent magnet synchronous motor is still the mainstream market choice, only Dongfeng car model DFA5030ZXXZBEV pure electric garbage truck can be loaded and unloaded with AC asynchronous motor.

According to the subsidy requirements in 2019, the energy density of the power battery system loaded by pure electric goods vehicles is not lower than that of 125Wh/kg. The energy consumption per unit load of pure electric truck (Ekg) is not higher than that of 0.30Wh/ km kg. Operating pure electric special vehicle 100 km power consumption (according to test quality) does not exceed 8kWh.

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