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[SMM Analysis] Electrolytic Manganese prices fall slightly demand needs to be boosted
Jul 16,2019 19:55CST
Electrolytic manganese prices fall slightly demand needs to be boosted
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Today, electrolytic manganese market, manganese triangle mainstream spot tax factory quotation around 13000 to 13200 yuan / ton, today the price is slightly loose, down 50 to 100 yuan / ton. At present, the actual demand of the market is flat, and some operators of the manganese factory are willing to give way to the goods. The latest transaction price of electrolytic manganese has a slight downward trend. The latest sporadic spot transaction price of the manganese triangle region is around 13000 yuan / ton (cash factory). At present, there are also individual futures orders signed at about 12800 yuan / ton. As a result, some operators have not changed their bearish attitude towards the future market. Guangxi quoted 13100 to 13300 yuan / ton today, the average price has also been slightly reduced by 50 to 100 yuan / ton, some operators said that although the major northern factories still receive goods and support prices in Guangxi recently, but there is no lack of other sporadic spot orders to negotiate the price is on the low side. At present, the new round of environmental protection inspection is also the focus of the whole market industry, but the specific has not yet been implemented, so it is expected that the short-term electrolytic manganese market price is still weak and stable operation as the main tone.

(the following picture shows the weekly price trend of the main producing area of electrolytic manganese in China)

According to SMM research, at present, some manganese factories in the southern region also reflect that it is difficult to ship the current spot electrolytic manganese spot tax ex-factory price around 13100 yuan / ton, and there are a few sporadic spot cash factory transaction prices that will be lower than 13000 yuan / ton. Some operators think that the overall transaction situation in this market is also very light. Due to the fact that the small and medium-sized manganese plants in the southern region are mainly futures, there are few spot, coupled with less market demand release. As a result, the transaction price of a small number of short-term documents delivered within a short period of time has been reduced to 12800 to 12900 yuan per ton.

SMM stainless steel research group analysis, steel plant 200 series production currently maintain a normal pace, the actual demand for electrolytic manganese procurement is not prosperous, in recent days, although the 200 series stainless steel market short-term price fluctuations, but the overall stable state of operation, most of the mainstream regional quotations are flat, 201 cold rolling most of the current stable prices and market wait-and-see mentality.

Finally, from the perspective of various factors, the actual supply and demand situation in the market is still the main factor affecting the price trend of electrolytic manganese in the later stage, so most operators say that there is a weak attitude towards the later electrolytic manganese market. It is considered that there will be a small risk of weak finishing in the market price.

The price of electrolytic manganese

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