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Sandvik seamless stainless steel coil production line settled in Zhenjiang Asia-Pacific region can achieve 28 days delivery time
Jul 16,2019
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SMM News: in July 2019, Sandvik opened a seamless stainless steel coil production line in Zhenjiang Pipe Plant around Shanghai, China, which is a world-class technology and high quality small size seamless stainless steel coil production line. Longer seamless stainless steel coils do not have to go through four to six months of "ocean crossing" bumps to the Asia-Pacific region. Sandvik is committed to producing longer seamless stainless steel coils locally, creating a "28-day" miracle for customers in the region.

Seamless stainless steel coil Zhenjiang production line completion lighting ceremony [left: Sandvik Zhenjiang pipe processing plant (Sandvik material Technology (China) Co., Ltd.) General Manager Cai Yuanqiang, second from left: Xu Dan, Director of Zhenjiang New District Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Administration; Michael Andersson, President of Sandvik Pipe Division, second from right: SharathSatish, President of Sandvik Pipe Division Asia Pacific region. First from right: Glenn Darley, sales and Marketing Director, Greater China, Sandvik]

Enhance the competitive advantage of customers

"We have promised to help customers in China and the Asia Pacific region enhance their competitive advantage, and the new seamless stainless steel coil solution heralds a further extension of this commitment," said Sharath Satish, Asia Pacific President of Sandvik Tubing. "it is obvious to all that the demand for chemical processing, oil and alternative energy manufacturing projects is rising, and at the same time, another phenomenon has come into our horizons. Demand for seamless stainless steel coil production is also growing as other industries are tight to local supply. Our seamless stainless steel reel solutions combine a variety of advantages: compact reel design, convenient transportation mode, and adaptability to use in demanding industrial environments. Precision cutting of the required length of coil allows customers to use fewer joints, thus operating easily with great efficiency without fear of oil leakage from the system. "

Seamless stainless steel coil products can reach customers in the Asia-Pacific region in 28 days

Focus on Sandvik 3R60 / (ASTM TP 316 / 316L)

First of all, let's focus on seamless stainless steel coils made of Sandvik 3R60 / (ASTM TP 316 to 316L): made of austenitic stainless steel, with a Mo content of not less than 2.6% and a low carbon content, ranging from 6.0mm to 14mm in diameter. Seamless stainless steel coils are either wrapped around a plastic-wrapped wooden reel (55 to 260 meters in length) or bundled in separate cartons (relatively long, up to 130 to 611 meters) for sale. The new range of products can be the "icing on the cake" of Sandvik's existing 6-meter-long hydraulic and instrument tube series, which is second to none in today's market in terms of model and grade diversity.

Set standards for excellence

"at first glance, most of the coils are pretty much the same," said Glenn Darley, director of sales and marketing for Greater China. However, a large number of experiments show that Sandvik has consistently delivered the highest quality products to customers according to the core performance standards such as ellipticity, corrosion resistance, surface properties and precision tolerances, and has really set a higher quality benchmark for the market on the basis of ASTM. Poor local grade coils can lead to oil spills in the system, resulting in additional, emergency maintenance requirements and even shutting down factories. That is why manufacturers often struggle. Therefore, for them, excellent quality and professional material technology, is of great significance.

Seamless stainless steel coil tube-close at hand, beyond imagination

According to Mr. Darley, the 28-day delivery commitment in the Asia-Pacific region actually means that Sandvik is "close at hand and beyond imagination" in the production of seamless stainless steel coils. In addition to Sandvik 3R60 / (ASTM TP 316 / 316L), the company will supply other high alloy steel grades and dual phase steel pipes of different sizes. He advised customers to consult more relevant product information. However, the corresponding treatment depends on the specific circumstances of each country, and the delivery date of the standard grade may differ from the 28-day delivery date currently provided in the Asia-Pacific region.

Advanced product technology and technical support

"our goal is to provide better service to customers in the Asia-Pacific region," said Cai Yuanqi, general manager of Zhenjiang Pipe processing Plant. " "the new solution relies on a wide range of technical support, integrating advanced product technology and special manufacturing processes." In addition to the main production of straight pipe and coil hydraulic instrument tube, the factory also produces straight pipe and U-shaped heat exchanger stainless steel pipe, in addition, the factory also produces high alloy austenitic stainless steel pipe and nickel alloy steel pipe.

40-year commitments to China and Asia

"We made commitments in China and the Asia-Pacific region 40 years ago," Sharath Satish said. "We have trusted distributors or sales offices in almost every country and opened a high-tech materials processing plant in Zhenjiang in 2011, as well as a pipe processing plant in India and North America. In addition, we carry out core research and development and coil production in Sandviken, Sweden."

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