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The low profit of small and medium-sized photovoltaic enterprises in the era of photovoltaic oligarchs is being abandoned.
Jul 15,2019
Source:Photovoltaic policy
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SMM Network News: the policy has been frequent in the past two months, the photovoltaic market has been good, we have seen the prospect of warming. But for small and medium-sized dealers, the status quo is not good, continue to do photovoltaic, low profits, the next six months to two years to face the dilemma of being squeezed out of the market, they are being abandoned.

Bidding is abandoning small and medium-sized enterprises

On July 11, the National Energy Administration released the results of the 2019 bidding, 80% of the types of power stations are ground power stations, most of which belong to central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises appear to have no status in the face of bidding.

Photovoltaic small and medium-sized enterprises, whether in the field of manufacturing, or in the field of dealers, are being abandoned by the competitive price and parity model, they have no financial support, no policy support, no government resources, in all aspects of the strength of enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises all failed.

In the manufacturing link, in the face of the pressure of overcapacity, manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises have to sell inventory at a low price, which is either making a small profit or losing money to maintain the operation of the company; in the distribution link, small and medium-sized enterprises no longer "boat small and easy to turn around". Photovoltaic dealers who lack the advantage of scale are gradually moving to the edge of the market.

Power Grid becomes the main body of decision-making

"I will never invest in industrial and commercial projects in Jiangsu again." On June 25, Mr. Liu was unable to get the power grid acceptance letter to participate in the bidding while waiting anxiously. The problem exists only in small and medium-sized enterprises, they do not have the resources to deal with more relationships, industrial and commercial distributed nominal and ground power stations bidding on the same platform, the invisible threshold, choking the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of distributed photovoltaic.

In the provincial energy department declaration link, Jiangsu Province distributed project can not get the power grid to accept the document incident caused the uproar, recently a provincial power grid no longer to show the full amount of the project to show the acceptance letter. These events show that after the NDRC withdrew from the photovoltaic project for the record, the main body of the decision-making has become a power grid company, and their acceptance letter has become a key factor in whether the project can be put into construction.

As an enterprise, the power grid company has become the main body of decision-making and assumed the responsibility of the government, which itself has a problem. The public relations work of power grid companies is also particularly important, small and medium-sized enterprises lack of social and government resources, it is inevitable to lose in the public relations of power grid companies.

Small and medium-sized enterprises do not receive financial support

In the field of household photovoltaic, small and medium-sized enterprises are also being abandoned. Two months ago, there was a rumor that a large household photovoltaic integrator adopted the rental model. Since last year, 531 has installed the household indicators of 1GW, the remaining indicators for small and medium-sized integrators have been very few, and the indicators will be used up soon after the issuance of the indicators. (rumors are not true, expected to use 500MW in total)

The outbreak of household photovoltaic in 2017, thanks to the strong support of financial policy, began to tighten financial policy in 2018, and basically shut down the financial support of household photovoltaic after 531. Therefore, small and medium-sized dealers in this year's policy gap period or promote the full amount of household photovoltaic power stations, or withdraw.

Did the photovoltaic policy take a turn for the better on May 30? No. Household photovoltaic has also become an oligopoly, if small and medium-sized dealers do not find large companies as backers, basically can not be promoted. It is understood that the current Hebei household photovoltaic market, a large household photovoltaic enterprises accounted for more than 30%, seriously squeezing the living space of small and medium-sized dealers.

So is it easy to enjoy the cool by leaning against a big tree? No, no. Mr. Zhang is giving financial support to a Zhejiang household giant to promote household photovoltaic. 11 power stations have been installed in a month, which has improved efficiency, but each household has given Mr. Zhang a profit of only 10 cents per watt, so low that it can only survive.

Indicators are scarce, lack of financial support, backed by big trees and low profits, multiple adverse factors, household photovoltaic dealers have lost the motivation to adhere to.

Even more disadvantageous is, how many people are concerned about the low profits of small and medium-sized enterprises, will the situation of abandonment be reversed?

Original title: low profits of small and medium-sized photovoltaic enterprises in the era of photovoltaic oligarchs are being abandoned

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