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Henan Ecological Environment Department issues and solicits "Pollutant discharge Standard for Aluminum Industry" (draft for soliciting opinions)
Jul 11,2019
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SMM News: in order to continuously improve the environmental air quality of Henan Province and win the Blue Sky Defense War, our office has organized and completed the formulation of the Henan local standard "Aluminum Industry Pollutant Emission Standard" (draft for soliciting opinions). Now we can solicit opinions (which can be downloaded from the website of Henan Ecological Environment Department-Interactive Exchange-Public opinion solicitation column), please put forward written suggestions, and feedback to Henan Provincial Ecological Environment Department before July 18, 2019.

附件一 河南省地方标准《铝工业污染物排放标准》(征求意见稿).pdf

附件二 河南省地方标准《铝工业污染物排放标准编制说明》.pdf 

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