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[SMM Research] lead Battery Market consumption in the off-season intensifies Storage Enterprises to reduce production again
Jul 5,2019
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SMM7, July 5: according to SMM research, this week (July 1-July 5) SMM five provinces lead battery enterprise weekly comprehensive operating rate of 47.52%, down 0.48% from last week. According to SMM research, the consumption of lead battery market continues to be depressed, such as the major electric battery enterprises to maintain the promotion of finished batteries, but the lead trend is weaker, dealers avoid risk, especially the inventory digestion of the second and third line brand enterprises is slow. In addition, there are no signs of improvement in the consumption of automobile battery market. Dealers are careful to pick up on demand, coupled with the recent holiday situation of automobile enterprises, which is a drag on battery supporting orders. Some of the storage enterprises in North and Southwest China, due to high inventory, began to reduce production by 10 to 15 percent in July, or about 10 days off, and the weekly operating rate of batteries dropped again. In addition, because some enterprises in southwest China are not in the survey sample, the actual decline will be higher than the survey value.

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