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Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company slightly reduces the price of 430 stainless steel basic specifications in July 2019
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SMM News: recently, Taiyuan Iron and Steel stainless Steel Rust Marketing Center issued a notice on the arrival price of stainless steel plate futures products in July 2019. Compared with June, except that the price of 430 cold rolled stainless steel basic specification products is slightly reduced by 100 yuan / ton, the prices of 304, 409L and other hot cold rolled stainless steel basic specification products remain unchanged. The basic specifications of the main products, including the tax to the station price, are as follows:

Main product steel grade thickness specification (mm) price (yuan / ton)

Cold rolled coil (trimming) 304 2B 2.0 22000

Cold rolled coil (trimming) 430 2B 2.0 12800

Cold rolled coil (trimmed) 409L/2B/2D 2.0 12300

Hot rolled coil (trimming) 304/No.1 3.0 21500

Hot rolled medium and heavy plate (trimming) 304/No.1 16 / 20 25300

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