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Shanghai Beijing Huicheng and SMM jointly produce "Distribution Map of China's Copper Industry chain in 2019" to promote the Development of China's Copper Industry chain
Jul 5,2019 13:41CST
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Although China's copper processing material industry has diversified products, complete specifications and growing processing capacity, it is still in the environment of homogeneous competition, overcapacity and meagre profits for many years. High-precision products and products with some technical barriers still rely on imports. Under the domestic supply-side reform and financial deleveraging policy, the processing capacity of various sections has begun to intensify centralization in recent years. In the long run, the leading enterprises in the processing material industry will emerge in China, and some new enterprises will bear the important task of the market.

For this reason, Shanghai Nonferrous Network Organization recombs the industry, integrates the resources of China's copper industry, and produces the "Distribution Map of China's Copper Industry chain in 2019". We will invite the copper industry upstream and downstream industry associations to participate in the production and supervision, welcome to join! In order to improve the domestic layout and broaden the overseas territory, Zhejiang Hailang Co., Ltd. jointly produced "2019 Copper Industry chain Map" with SMM, and contributed its own strength to the development of China's copper industry chain!

Company introduction

Peking University founder products Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is the core industry group of Peking University School-run Industry Peking University founder Group.

Shanghai Jing Huicheng International Trading Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the international non-ferrous metal brand "Jing Huicheng", which was built by founder in 2004, covering copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, nickel, tin and other small metals. Radiation region to Chile, Australia, Japan and South Korea, Europe, East China, South China and other countries and regions, with the non-ferrous metals industry leading enterprise status and the top business scale.

2019 Distribution Map of Copper Industry chain in China

Content of "Map of Copper Industry chain in 2019"

1. Enterprise distribution map

Name of National Electrolytic Copper smelting Enterprise and details of Electrolytic Copper Brand in 2019

Distribution of representative copper processing enterprises in China in 2019: copper strip, copper foil, copper pipe, copper bar, copper rod, copper wire, copper bar, copper alloy and other copper processing materials

Annual production capacity data of representative copper processing enterprises in China in 2019

Delivery database information and library capacity.

2. Investigation data of copper processing materials

Classification of copper processing in China in 2019

Proportion of raw materials for copper smelting in China in 2019

Output of Copper processing Materials in China from 2010 to 2019

China's copper import and export volume from 2010 to 2019

3. Standard unit of spot price of 2019SMM electrolytic copper

2019SMM Yangshan Copper Premium Standard Unit

National Copper processing Materials quality Trader in 2018

Issuance situation

1. Number of issues

The first batch of 20000 copies was printed, with a total of 30000 copies printed.

two。 Distribution object

3. Map distribution channel

(1)。 Express mail: directed distribution to the non-ferrous network cooperative copper processing and smelter and its downstream enterprises procurement or other departments;

(2)。 Online collection: in the SMM master station, WeChat official account, handheld colored and other channels to provide free collection port, verified industrial chain cooperation customers free mail;

(3)。 Copper industry exhibition: participation in the copper industry summit and related exhibitions free of charge to representatives of participating enterprises;

(4)。 Trade association distribution: through SMM cooperation of the domestic upstream and downstream trade association distribution;

(5)。 Visit research: the non-ferrous network regularly organizes visits to the upstream and downstream enterprises of the copper industry chain, giving away the person in charge of the downstream enterprises.

Map distribution form

Producer: Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.

copper price
electrolytic copper
copper strip

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