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The Rehn: of the European Central Bank should not regard the slowdown in the euro zone as a temporary phenomenon
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SMM News: "We should no longer regard the recent slowdown in economic growth as a temporary decline and as' partial weakness'," Olli Rehn, a member of the ECB's management committee, said in an interview with Boersen-Zeitung on Thursday.

As central bankers, "we should be prepared to prevent a greater and more lasting slowdown".

In order to achieve the goal of sustainable medium-term price stability, we are ready to take further action if we consider it necessary.

With regard to inflation expectations:

"Market-based inflation expectations are still too low, which is worrying."

With regard to possible policy responses:

"We have a number of very effective tools that are better implemented as a package than alone."

About restarting quantitative easing:

"We have not yet completed quantitative easing." We can also resume buying new assets at any time. "

"before carefully analyzing the pros and cons, we should not rush to rule out individual tools. There is a need to carefully examine what these tools can do for the economy at the moment and what negative effects they may have, including legal issues. "

See "a certain degree of flexibility" in quantitative easing restrictions

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