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India's imports of Photovoltaic products from China fall 47%
Jul 3,2019
Source:Polaris solar photovoltaic network
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SMM News: in 2019 Q1, Indian photovoltaic cell and module imports were about $650 million, down 40 per cent from $1.1 billion in the same period in 2018.

In 2019, India exported about $33 million of photovoltaic cells and components, compared with $19 million in the same period last year, up 74 per cent from a year earlier.

India imported about $523 million of photovoltaic cells and modules from China, but down 47 per cent from $991 million in 2018. The share of photovoltaic imports from China also fell to 80.5% from 91.5% of Q1 last year. The main reason is that the Indian government imposes a 25% safeguard tariff on imports of photovoltaic products from China and Malaysia.

Singapore, with a market share of US $40 million, is the second largest importer of Q1 photovoltaic products from India. Vietnam was third, with 6.1%, up from 0.5% last year.

In 2019, India exported $21 million of photovoltaic cells and modules to Vietnam.

India exports 15.4 per cent of its photovoltaic cells and modules to the US, up 90 per cent from a year earlier.

India's major exporters also include the United Arab Emirates (3.7 per cent), South Africa (3.4 per cent), Belgium (2.5 per cent) and Nigeria (1.9 per cent).

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