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Chen Qingtai: around 2025, the performance-to-price ratio of electric vehicles is better than that of fuel vehicles.
Jul 3,2019
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SMM News: the 2019 World New Energy vehicle Conference was held in Boao, Hainan from July 1 to 3. At the plenary meeting held on July 2, Chen Qingtai, former secretary of the leading party group of the Development Research Center of the State Council and chairman of the China Electric vehicle 100-member Association, delivered a speech on the theme of "Automobile Revolution and coordinated Development of Energy, Transportation, and cities."

"at present, the automobile industry is undergoing the most profound change in more than a hundred years, and its scope of influence is so wide and deep that it can be called the 'automobile revolution'." That's what Chen Qingtai said.

Chen Qingtai, former secretary of the leading party group of the Development Research Center of the State Council and chairman of the 100 people's Association of China Electric vehicles

At present, the number of cars per thousand people in China is only 160 to 170, and the automobile market will be growing for a long time in the future. If we rely only on oil, we will face major problems, so it highlights the importance of developing new energy vehicles.

What is gratifying is that what goes hand in hand with automobile electrification is the rapid development of renewable energy. The large-scale development of electric vehicles needs the protection of strong electric power, while the large-scale renewable energy depends on the ability to absorb and store intermittent electric energy.

The connection between the two through the energy Internet will produce a huge complementary synergistic effect. Because of its large number, electric vehicles in the future have strong storage and discharge capacity, which is enough to ensure the full development of renewable energy.

In Chen Qingtai's view, if electrification is to be put on the basis of greening, the electric vehicle itself must be developed to a certain extent, and the electrification must be connected with new energy in terms of system and technology, and the whole industrial chain of electrification should be put on the basis of greening.

It can be expected that by 2025, the performance-to-price ratio of electric vehicles will be higher than that of fuel vehicles, and the power generation costs of solar and wind energy will be lower than that of fossil energy. The market will drive the development of electric vehicles and the transformation of energy structure with a strong force, and move towards zero-emission road traffic at an increasingly accelerated pace.

Chen Qingtai pointed out that the electric vehicle of the future will be the basic unit for storing and absorbing green energy, the basic unit of intelligent transportation and smart city, and the node that links the new generation of mobile communications and shared travel. In order to promote the energy revolution, information revolution, transportation revolution and consumption revolution, to a large extent, solve the long-term problems of energy, environment, urban traffic and other pain points and difficulties, and enable consumers to obtain a new travel experience.

Of course, China's electric vehicle industry is also facing certain challenges, especially in the next few years will be an important period of adjustment: the withdrawal of government subsidies, the implementation of double points policy; the liberalization of foreign stocks, the large-scale entry of international brand electric vehicles; car-building new force products into the war in an all-round way, the competitive situation will be more intense and complex.

In Chen Qingtai's view, in the face of cars and future travel in the future, the government and enterprises should have a profound insight into the rapidly changing technology and market, accurately study and judge the development trend of the industry, thoroughly assess the impact of these changes, and respond in a timely manner.

"our country has more fervent expectations for this round of automobile revolution than almost any other country. The bottom of the car subversive change is renewable energy, which is a high degree of integration of electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing. These aspects are precisely the emerging areas in which China has developed well in recent years, and have certain comparative advantages. If we grasp them well, we may become a winner. " Chen Qingtai said so.

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