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Foundation laying ceremony of 1680m3 blast furnace project in Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Jun 30,2019
Source:Liugang Zhongjin
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SMM News: June 30 morning, in the Yulin Longtan Industrial Park China International Capital Corporation new project area, with the salute, fireworks, firecrackers sound, Liugang deputy general manager Yan Jun announced, "Liugang nickel iron smelting project 1680m3 blast furnace began to lay the foundation!" Blast furnace is the landmark building of smelting project, the successful foundation of blast furnace area is of milestone significance, which will play a strong leading role in speeding up the construction of the whole project, and also marks a solid step forward in the nickel-iron smelting project of Liugang.

The project adopts advanced and practical, mature and reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and long life technology and equipment, in order to achieve the goal of high efficiency, low consumption, high quality, long life and clean blast furnace production. After the completion of the project, 1.46 million tons of pig iron can be added per year, of which about 200000 tons / year of hot metal will be hot delivered to the existing stainless steel steelmaking workshop, and the rest of the hot metal castings will be supplied to the group company or the market. The ironmaking process adopts advanced new equipment and new technologies such as dry gas dedusting system, TRT system, slag treatment system and energy saving comprehensive furnace protection technology, which will reduce the operating cost of the equipment and improve the production efficiency of the equipment, and improve the recovery and treatment capacity of waste and the recovery and utilization rate of energy.

The construction time of the project is tight and the task is heavy. The construction unit, Eleventh Metallurgical Group, has stated that it is necessary to ensure the smooth completion of the project on schedule, complete various construction tasks with high quality and efficiency, and build the Liugang nickel-iron project into a model project and a fine project, contributing to the economic and social development of Yulin City, the industrial project construction of Longtan Industrial Park, and the high-quality development of Liugang Group.

Zhu Xiaodong, deputy mayor of Yulin City, Yan Jun, deputy general manager of Liugang, Longgang New District Longtan Industrial Park Management Committee, Bobai County Government, Liugang Machinery and Industry Department, Huarui Company, China International Capital Corporation, ironworks, Eleventh Metallurgical Group, Longtan Town Government and other units attended the ceremony.

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