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Development of "acceleration" Shengyang stainless Steel Project attracts attention
Source:Official micromedia of Shengyang Group
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SMM News: on the morning of June 27, Duan Weidong, member of the party group of the CPPCC in Linyi City, secretary general, and secretary of the party group of organs, led the team to visit and investigate the production site of metal science and technology. In the afternoon, Xia Hongcheng, chairman of the Luozhuang District Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, Chen Yiwei, vice chairman, and other leaders went to Shengyang Group again to learn about the progress of the stainless steel pipe project. Xu Bolin, general manager of the group, accompanied by Zhao Wei, director of metal science and technology production plant.

The party visited the Shengyang Exhibition Hall and the stainless steel pipe making project site of Shengyang Logistics Park. General Manager Xu Bolin introduced the construction of the pipe making project in Shengyang Logistics Park. Zhao Wei, director of the production plant, gave a detailed explanation of the metal science and technology steel rolling production line. Shengyang Logistics Park management project, built by Shengyang Construction Machinery, has started construction since May 20, 2019. At present, the installation of factory columns, driving beams, roof beams and part of the roof has been completed.

Shengyang stainless steel pipe project, as an important measure for the group to implement momentum conversion, innovation and upgrading, has attracted the attention of governments at all levels and friends from all walks of life. In the early stage, many exchanges and negotiations with German enterprises, as well as exchanges and contacts with some stainless steel processing equipment manufacturers, indicating that the enterprise is determined to speed up the promotion of stainless steel projects. Next, Shengyang Group will continue to speed up the pace of attracting investment, increase market share, in line with the purpose of win-win cooperation, to promote the development of stainless steel industry in Linyi City.

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