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Today's news: a new batch of major project relay 2019 stable investment in the second half * nickel futures and spot trends are now divided
Jun 27,2019 09:25CST
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Macro information

The United States may impose tariffs on Vietnam

Senior officials of China and the United States communicate with each other again before the G20 summit, the world is looking forward to the cooling of trade frictions between the two countries.

A new batch of major projects relay 2019 stable investment in the second half

National standing Committee: measures to further reduce the real interest rate of financing for small and micro enterprises, etc.

Metal news

[SMM Analysis] in May, refined copper imports fell sharply, supply resumed, consumption was weak, import losses were hit on three sides.

[SMM interpretation] Ren lead price fluctuation waste battery price is motionless recycled lead refinery sad

[SMM Analysis] the trend of nickel futures and spot is now different from the risk or mitigation of the position.

Nickel-iron slag powder has been officially listed in the national building materials industry standard since July 1 [SMM analysis].

[SMM News] Indian stainless Steel Development Association: apply for tariff relief on imported key raw materials

Interpretation of China's stainless Steel Import and Export data-A small decrease in stainless Steel Import and Export in May from a month-on-month increase of 87.58 per cent

[SMM Analysis] what kind of opponents will we face when the "whitelist" of power batteries is scrapped?

Zhongwang Group opens the door to overseas markets with high value-added products

Related news

ST Jialing business scope change lithium battery research and other new business play a leading role

A further 60,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were recalled from Daimler's profit forecast after the "exhaust gate" was recalled.

Housing system goes through difficulties and thorns for 70 years, "the house is superior to the house" has stepped onto the stage.

In response to the low-key response of Chery New Energy, the landing board industry said that listing financing as soon as possible may be the optimal solution.

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