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Five measures of Central Land Port to ensure the smooth flow of Flood Control work
Jun 27,2019
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SMM News: since June, Chinalco Logistics Group Central International dry Port Co., Ltd. based on the flood control, grab the big risk, start as soon as possible, arrange the deployment of flood control work, to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the railway transport artery.

Flood control is an important guarantee for the safety and stability of the development of the logistics industry. The first thing to do in the central dry port is to carry out the responsibility of flood control. A leading group for flood control has been set up with the members of the leading group of the company as the principal and deputy leaders, and the responsible persons of government organs and grass-roots units as the members, and the flood control and rescue teams dominated by party members and key staff have been set up to clarify the division of responsibilities and formulate a schedule for flood control duty. Members of the flood control leading group and flood control commandos are required to take turns on duty 24 hours during the main flood season, so that they can come immediately and fight. Second, we should do a good job in the reserve of flood control materials. In accordance with the requirements of the "five implementation" and "five in place" of flood control work, we should comprehensively store spades, sandbags, submersible pumps and other flood control and rescue materials and equipment, and emergency equipment such as dump trucks, rail cranes, rail trucks, forklifts, hooks, and so on, are on standby at any time to ensure the demand for emergency in flood season; third, highlight the key points of flood control. In accordance with the principle of "investigation, verification, strict inspection and detailed investigation" before flood season, on the basis of flood control self-examination carried out by grass-roots units in their respective areas of jurisdiction, the organization of dry ports in the middle part of the country shall conduct a re-inspection. In particular, we will step up inspection and inspection of key areas such as Shagu station, Xiaoguan station, section of high embankment, railway bridges, and underground engineering lines in the factory area, and organize the dredging and cleaning of drains and flood drains along the railway lines, so as to rectify and correct hidden dangers in a timely manner; fourth, to improve the ability of emergency response. Before the arrival of the flood season, the central dry port will organize and carry out flood control and emergency plan drills, and at the same time, in strict accordance with the regulations of the "regulations for the Organization of Railway Operation," carry out the plan for the organization of driving on rainy days, and when there are severe weather such as heavy and rainstorm in the flood season, when there are trains running in the interval, it is required to stop at the nearest interval station and organize trams to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the special line of Xiaoguan Mine to make sure that the line is normal before the train runs again. Fifth, build up the entire flood control line of defense. We should make full use of the meetings and billboards to step up the publicity of flood control work, so that the consciousness of "preventing big floods and grabbing great dangers" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, the flood control situation of various units is immediately inspected, and the results are included in the performance appraisal, so as to enhance the sense of responsibility of the whole staff to do a good job in flood control work, so as to ensure that there is no flood situation and no danger, so as to ensure the smooth progress of railway transportation and production, to provide transportation guarantee for the production ore supply of Chinalco mining industry in flood season, and to provide safety guarantee for the development of logistics industry in central dry port.

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