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Apple confirms acquisition of, Wu Enda's autopilot
The content below was translated by Tencent automatically for reference.

SMM News: according to the latest news from foreign media, Apple confirmed to the media on Tuesday that it had acquired, a struggling autopilot research and development company in the United States.

According to public information, Drive.AI, founded in 2015 by eight artificial intelligence researchers at Stanford University and headquartered in California, is mainly engaged in developing artificial intelligence (AI) software for driverless cars that use in-depth learning of (deep learning) technology.

Drive.AI is one of the few startups in driverless technology, competing with Waymo, a division of Google's parent company Alphabet, Uber Technologies, a US taxi-hailing service, and carmakers such as General Motors and Toyota.

Carol Riley, co-founder of Drive.AI, is the wife of former Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda and holds a double doctorate from Johns Hopkins University.

Drive.AI co-founder and CEO Tanton is a student of Wu Enda. Sammy Temden, the company's co-founder, has a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University and has done a lot of research on self-driving depth learning.

It is reported that Wu Enda is also deeply involved, not only as a director, but also active in the day-to-day operation of Drive.AI.

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