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Shanxi starts the fourth round of special inspection on the prevention and control of air pollution in three cities in the north of Shanxi Province
Source:Department of Ecological Environment of Shanxi Province
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SMM News: June 18, from Taiyuan, Yangquan and other 8 cities environmental law enforcement line more than 30 business backbone, to participate in Datong City organized the fourth round of Jinbei three cities air pollution prevention and control special inspection training, Shanxi Province Ecological Environment Department Ecological Environment Law Enforcement Bureau Sun Baokang deputy director of pre-war mobilization deployment. Immediately after the meeting, inspectors rushed to 34 counties (cities and districts) in Datong, Shuozhou and Xinzhou to carry out a special law enforcement inspection operation on air pollution for a period of half a month.

In February this year, in view of the obvious decline in air quality in the three cities in northern Shanxi, especially the fact that the concentrations of PM2.5 and sulfur dioxide in Shuozhou and Xinzhou were significantly higher than in previous years, on the basis of fully drawing lessons from the experience and practice of strengthening supervision and inspection of air pollution prevention and control by the Ministry of Ecological Environment, the Vice Governor of the Provincial Government, he Genius, personally instructed the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment to deploy first-line environmental law enforcement personnel within the scope of the whole province. The three cities of Datong, Shuozhou and Xinzhou in northern Shanxi have also carried out multi-round and uninterrupted special inspection on the prevention and control of air pollution, thus realizing the full coverage of strengthening supervision and cross-inspection in 11 cities in the province.

The purpose of this special inspection campaign is to urge governments at all levels and relevant departments in the three cities of northern Shanxi to strictly implement the "three-year Action Plan for Shanxi Province to win the Blue Sky Defense War," and to step up efforts to crack down on environmental violations such as illegal discharge of pollutants. The contents of inspection are key industrial enterprises, rectification of "scattered pollution", enterprises and institutions using coal-fired boilers, construction sites and volatile organic compounds pollution and other environmental problems that may cause air pollution.

As of May 31, Shanxi Ecological and Environmental Law Enforcement Bureau has sent three rounds and organized more than 90 environmental law enforcement personnel to carry out special inspections in 34 counties (cities and districts) of the three cities in northern Shanxi. A total of 3725 enterprises (units, points) were inspected, and 2824 environmental (pollution) problems were found. Among them, 1476 enterprises (units and points) in Datong City were inspected, 848 problems were found, 911 enterprises (units and points) in Shuozhou City were examined, 752 enterprises (units and points) were examined, 1338 enterprises (units and points) in Xinzhou City were examined, and 1224 problems were found. In view of the above problems, the Provincial Department of Ecological Environment issued a letter of supervision to the relevant cities and counties, ordering the local people's governments to deal with them immediately, report them on time, make the results public in an all-round way, and accept social supervision.

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